Source. Pexels. Chris F, Photographer

by Lisa Marie Popp

When I hear people say “He/She’s gone over to the other side…” I assume they mean the individual has changed their sexual preference rather than died. A better phrase to say concerning the departed is “See you on the other side!” This should be said with joy rather than sorrow. There is music in the air!

There is no death! We have been hypnotized with the idea of Death. The conviction that we are wiped out of existence and reduced to nothingness. Here today, gone tomorrow. Wham bam, thank-you, Ma’am! Or as I like to say, Whirl whir, thank-you, Sir! In the Western world this is particularly true. Although the dominant religion of the West (Christianity) teaches the joys of the great reward, provided you pay your dues, religious leaders and followers espouse death culture with its trove of misery and depression. It would seem faith in a heavenly hereafter would have believers donning party hats and bright colors to celebrate the passage of a loved one to a happier sphere of existence! Strip off those black clothes and draped coffins of loss! Get up and jive! Death is the best thing that will ever happen to you!

It’s not the end, but the beginning! There is music in the air! Accept the illusion of death and fear fades away. Nothing is lost, one simply passes to another phase of Life. Nothing has perished. You got Life, brother! You got Life, sister! There is no such thing as Death. Death is a lifestyle! Death is not the end of the journey it is the way we walk down the road. 

Like a caterpillar ending the crawling stage of existence, after the long sleep of chrysalis we emerge triumphant and transformed into a higher, more beautiful form of life! Nature works her changes and Life persists.

Death is but a different beat of Life within us, above and below the level of consciousness. Traveling, from one dimension of existence to another higher Life is a final act of anti-Death rebellion! We deny Death culture and groove on Life culture! We overthrow the limits of You are mortal because you are a Mortal! We rise into the Cosmos! There is music in the air! We dance the eternal Revolution!