Guest Column: Pansexuality in the 21 Century?

by Ms. Star, Pansexual

Pansexuality. If it sounds exotic, different, and exciting…well, it is. It means I’m someone who is open to sex with either male or female or transgender or intersex. It’s simple, complex, erotic, loving, romantic and passionate. It moves beyond social, legal and political boundaries, groupings or pigeonholes. The key is communication. Pansexuality is all about relating to each other. My sex life is my private business and the person(s) I am with. It’s our responsibility.

Given the remarkable advances in artificial intelligence and the use of humanoids with interchangeable gender parts will these advances in technology cause an increase in the obsolescence of traditional male -female, male-male, female-female sexual relationship models? Does pansexuality make sense for the  future of humanity?

I think the answers are yes.

People all across our world have and are changing up, experimenting with and exploring new avenues for expressing their sexuality. The advent of so many medical, technological and idealistic changes in the past 50 years has brought about a new world of sexuality: of how to express one’s love and passion physically, emotionally, mentally. Even remotely, especially in the ambiguous “tomorrow” where emotional health is equal to physical health. 

Just look at the medical advances: sexual changes for both men and women through surgical and hormonal advancements. The advent of very reliable birth control has liberated men and women from the problem of unintended pregnancy. The global sexual revolution that has transpired over the past several decades is liberating all of humanity to explore new ideas and desires.

Yes, I think the future will be one of pan sexuality, open marriages, (like the past but minus the deceit and lying), swinging, sharing partners, remote sex, creating experiences without being physically present.  It will be a wild new world and a wilderness for some. 

And this is not the first sexual revolution: India and the peaceful era that allowed the birth of the Kama Sutra,  post Victorian Era (more reliable condoms and sex toys), The American Revolution: war makes for big changes under cover of chaos,  the Native Americans had a super easy coupling and divorce system based on the woman’s consent and choice, homosexuality was not forbidden, Japanese had lots of porn and the birth of the foot fetish, the age of multiple wives for men,  and the converse, harems where females often partnered together during the long absence of men at war and the move away from patriarchy to matriarchy.

It’s going to be a big orgasmic future for those who wish to attend!