Guest Column: Peace in Time of Conflict


Shared by Hilary Bowring



Peace in a time of conflict.

May I be an instrument of Peace and Love

That crosses all divides

Extends to others with views different from mine.

Allow the differences to be in the field of Consciousness

To inspire new thinking.

I may raise my voice

To awaken the ignorant

To challenge ego driven power mongers

My voice is my valid power.

My voice is respected most when I hold the energy of love

I touch soul hearts

My voice infused with opinion can harden

the lines that divide.

I lay down my sword of judgment

And send Loving Kindness like a tsunami wave

To dissolve the shadow of false difference

To open the heart light in each conditioned soul

To dawn a new realization of our Oneness.

If I hurt you, I hurt me

If you hurt me, you hurt you.

“I’m not you, I’m like you, I’m nothing but you”

Takes radical receptivity and empathy for …

The world to live as One.