Guest Column: Salvation of the Wild

Darren Austin Hall. Mariya Vanchev Photography

by Darren Austin Hall*


One of the most important reasons to bond with the Earth and to forge an eco-spiritual pathway as a foundation of our evolving being is that nature entrains us to wildness.

It evokes the wildness that we essentially are. It awakens a primal knowing, transmitted by trees; a sky-soaring scripture, a poetry of rivers, a wisdom that is dripping from the ethers themselves.

But most of all, wildness is our best defense against submission to social conditioning and the toxic authoritarianism that has gripped and ripped our species’ collective consciousness to shreds.

This has culminated in the current menticide we are currently witnessing, besieging us by the whole complex of digitized reality.

The wild in us refuses to be programmed by society and especially media propaganda. It seethes and roars, especially at the deceptive knaves of our political class and their authority minions that have multiplied by the thousand fold, thanks to the manufactured consent of modern media.

It knows lies by instinct. It’s the radar in our gut that fires in bliss for truth, and writhes and knots in tension when manipulation is afoot.

The wild is what consecrates and initiates the best of our species. The great mystics, the sages who left us the most luminous wisdom teachings, and the unfailing moral and ethical compass that blossoms in perpetuity from the ever-giving soil of the sacred ecology of Gaia.

The wild is the truest authority here. It is HER after all. And as much as we have tried in vain to forget Her and plunge Her into disrepute and rape Her dead, just like the indomitable grass plying through the fascism of cement, She finds a way to reach us.

Her forgiveness is forever.

Her trust is wilderness.

Her love unwavering, constant fertility & autopoietic bliss.

Tyrants amuse Her, for they forgot how She reigns in their shadows too, gaming them for our own dark tutelage.

We need the wild now more than ever, to remember how sovereign we each are by the anointing of birth itself and birth alone. For our mothers’ wombs are but a mirroring of Her own galactic orifice of creation.

Go to the Earth, radiant kin. Go to Her.

Remember your wild.

Let it boil in your blood before these mind-numbing tyrannies and unsheathe the shimmering, living sword of wisdom to destroy the totalitarian nightmare.

Let Her planetary breasts restore your faith in the religion of unconditional love until you yourself are loving like an empire, interdependently unfolding in every direction with a genius ability to unify no matter how disparate, no matter the fracture.

Be wild and be free as forests and winds, ruled only by the spirit songs eternally quaking from Her crystalline soul, enwrapping the world with a tyranny of beauty…

Enjoy …GAIA’ ∞ A Song Prayer for the Earth Music Video:

*Bio: Darren Austin Hall is a visionary leader, sound healer/mystic-musician/song-channel, writer, and spiritual teacher-philosopher. He is the creator of the Source Resonance Academy devoted to leading sound healing trainings and workshops, including the Vibrational Peace Sonic Activism initiative. He shares his signature Druid Medicine Sound Journeys around the world and is a renowned recording artist. His new double-album, HONOUR ALL CREATION, is a concept album of sound healing journey music, mystical folk and ambient dance music devoted to the dawning of a new culture centering the Earth as a living Goddess and our planetary mother & the universal call to harmonize with guiding Her wisdom.

Darren is also the founder and director of the Gaia Awakening Institute, based in Costa Rica. Gaia Awakening is a centre devoted to the evolution of human consciousness, and the reawakening of our interdependent nature and symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth. Through eco-spirituality, the Restoration of indigenous wisdom and cultivating conscious community, Gaia Awakening is stewarding a new paradigm for humanity and a universal culture of peace and unity.

Instagram: @darrendruid


I believe that most of what was said of God 

was in reality said of that spirit whose body is the Earth. ∞ A.E.