Guest Column: “Speaking of Sex”

by Vanessa de Largie, Australian author, freelance writer, resident sex columnist, journalist & award-winning actress

Vanessa’s writings have been compared to Anaïs Nin. Her biography can be found here. Her inetrviews are on NPJ.

Sex talk and the future?  

Let’s be frank. I am pro-sex! And, I am pro-sex robots, pro-digital sex and pro-AI.  I can’t wait to own my own sex robot, but they’re so expensive – I might have to find a fella to buy me one!  People freak out when it comes to virtual sex, I find it amusing.  There’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s just progress.  I think of it as an accessory much like a dildo, something that can be used to compliment one’s sex life.  For me it certainly won’t replace human connection BUT for some people it will and that’s perfectly okay too. And the thing is sex with robots and AI shouldn’t have to require masks. 

A few words about sex in Australia? Australia’s former Prime Minister, brought in the bonk ban, which essentially prevents cabinet members from fucking their staff.  I would rather they were all fucking-like-rabbits, proof that they’re real-life human beings with all the usual stuff-ups – than puritanical monsters running the country. 

I think France is the only hope for humanity, they fuck unapologetically and don’t blame others.  Well, not as they do in the anglosphere anyway.  As the chains tighten, sex goes underground and our appetites for what is considered taboo in conventional society increases and multiplies.  I mean online, one feels like they’re in the presence of a very judgmental school prefect, wondering when they are going to be “punished” or called out for a slip of the tongue.” 

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