Guest Column: Take heart—For a better life after Corona!

Source: Hilary Bowring

by Hilary Bowring, Contributing Editor

In this crazy shake up of the world we can feel powerless when in fact we are power-full. History shows time and time again that after chaos human beings can put things back together again. Contraction is always followed by expansion.

Now is the time to ‘re-member’ who we really are as divine strands of Source and that when we join together we can have the same creative power. Astrologically “2020 is a new trajectory in world history through the empowerment of the individual and their relationship to systems of power and control in the world. ……….initiates the overall signature of the next 750 years… We have entered a new great cycle in which the individual is about to resurface in new and more spiritual ways. The quicker new levels of empowered individuality the quicker we will bring the world back into balance.” (Steven Shroyer The Lunar Journal)

Now in social distancing, self-isolation we have time to contemplate how we might become empowered individually. Play our part in this dramatic change rather than being sucked in to the fear and immobilised. Use this period to contemplate the very basis of who we are, what we value and what we don’t. In these reflections we might go deeper in to the meaning of life. Make new decisions on what matters, what we care about, how we’d like things to be. Inspired to wonder -can we create a new culture? We might not have solutions but can see the gaps. How ‘the haves’ and ‘have nots’ stand in starker contrast now. The street people with nothing other than a heightened risk of contagion, not even somewhere safe to sleep. Contrasting with the demise of the wealthy with the paper losses on the stock market but who still have roofs over their heads. May be we can to co-create and work together creating something completely new that hasn’t existed before, which is more equitable for all? (My hope is for a Basic Income for everyone will materialize after this)

To Create something new out of the chaos we need to come from our Hearts.

There are no quick solutions, it’s going to be confusing. We need to trust one another. For that to happen our mind and heart need to be together. For when we join our mind and heart we connect with our soul, with our deep wisdom and compassion and with universal consciousness. We connect to our higher self not our ego self. When our mind rests in the heart it merges with the love held there, and we feel safe and able to be fearlessly creative. We willingly try to engage and find connection. We can be courageous and have serious conversations that go deeper than trying to prove a point or be driven by erratic solutions. We find the grace to listen. Feel comfortable enough to ask hard questions and we don’t suppress new ideas either, we are prepared to be wrong –That’s how we learn and change.

Underneath the outward appearance of chaos from the pandemic is an evolutionary shift of consciousness for the spiritual evolution of humanity to Unity Consciousness. We each have a soul purpose to help in this shift.

This calls for a different way of handling opposing ideas, trying to form bridges and find common ground in recognition of our interconnection.

The starting point is to focus on coming from our hearts with compassion:

Our hearts have an electromagnetic field 12 feet around us, what we think and feel affects others…….Being conscious of that helps to make a choice when we are able to shift from negative thoughts into something more positive to benefit everyone—gratitude and laughter are good ways of making the shift.

Musings of the Heart

The importance of working together with honour and respect for each other and respect for what we have learned from the past.

  • Be aware no-one will think exactly the same. They hold different views because of their life experience and background. If we bring in an attitude of tolerance first, then may be compassion and understanding will come…
  • Actively listen to another perspective. As this can bring new light on a subject. Give time and rapt attention, full presence, no interruptions. Allow Silence between us. Conscious listening
  • Be curious -why do they think in this contrary way?
  • Be grateful for the expansion challenges can bring . Our souls have made contracts with other souls for mutual spiritual growth.
  • Avoid divisive disputes as this just fuels the fire of difference and sense of separation.
  • Allow others space when they are triggered to release their inner angst. Allow them to rant while focussing on your heart sending them love, while saying a mantra like OM Namah Shivaya (I bow to the divine within me)
  • Silently say a mantra in any difficult situation as it brings in transformational energy.
  • Consider conscious separation. Sometimes separation is best for everyone’s highest good. The karma may be over—detectable when the energy just dies away, there appears no compelling reason to connect. Or sometimes when there is a stuck pattern, time apart can allow spiritual growth and there may be a reunion later. Or there is a prevailing negativity that brings you down and good to move on for that reason. While continuing to send them love and kindness everyday.

You become the company you keep, keep good company.

When we move our mind into our heart, the musings of the mind become the musings of the soul. No longer fear based but trust based. We tune into the wisdom of souls and become more confident to share that. This short meditation draws the mind into the heart and helps us connect with something greater that serves us and our planet at the deepest and highest levels                        Mind into heart Meditation

* Ms. Bowring is a healer, writer, teacher