Guest Column: The Commonality between Henry VIII and Donald Trump? 

by Morgan Kelly Diana Rein, Journalist

In a previous article, I began with “it seems to me that every 50 years the world has major uproars”. Well now, I’m going to further it with every 500 years for it appears on the surface that the world, well at least Western Civilization, has experienced a major political, social if not cultural upheaval. Think of the Reformation and tangential uproars five hundred years ago and in particular the reign of Henry VIII. 

The commonalities between Henry VIII and Donald Trump are disturbingly familiar. Both were born in the month of June, they were both born as the second child in which case they are considered “spares”, they both are “cooze” hounds, they essentially inherited their father’s money at an early age, wanted to instill fear for those working for them along with the people (commoners), inferior dick syndrome, and when they don’t get their way, they threaten to change the ways of the political system along with “Who’s Who” in the household. Also, they both needed a serious dose of “shut the fuck up” medicine. 

Currently, we have a new President elect and obviously the “Trumpets” and “COVID Allies” are doing every possible strategy to prevent Mr. Joseph Biden from actually taking office. While watching Mr. Chris Cuomo speaking about The Martial Law that Trump has been dangling over the people for several days now one can envision the president wearing a tunic, leggings, cloak and brandishing a dagger. The president of course doesn’t have the empathy for people dying of a virus that he apparently had himself and was immediately cured.

Now, I am totally positive that some of you are thinking/saying “oh this bitch is such a left-wing radical” but guess what? I’m not! I am an independent and I do feel we need change big time. First off, get rid of the idea of declaring political parties, the bull shit electoral college, and for heaven’s sake let the Catholic priests marry so they can stop fiddling around with the alter-servers. When Jesus said in the best science fiction book of all time, “let the children come to me” that’s definitely not a sexual reference. 

Organized religion is a separate entity but again, I feel like it’s such a crock and I am totally ashamed that my parents spent so much money (the root of all evil) for my brother and I to have a Catholic education. 

While speaking with so many people whose lives have seriously been affected by “Henry the Trump” (their overall health, being at the end of the rope, their careers, their relationships in all capacities with others, and flip floppy attitudes) it is such a reminder that we may need to strive for the plain and simple of life, if not too late, and not from a moral superiority standpoint, rather just try to lighten up and withstand the desire to be trendy. I know personally that it is so unbelievably hard. We are still in wartime and you wonder can it get any worse? And Happy “fucking” Holidays from the Orange Grinch who is forever instilling fear and worry into everyone including his entourage. 

However; one positive outcome from The Tudor Dynasty was Elizabeth the 1st who said, “I am my father’s daughter, and I am not afraid of anything”. That stands true being that I actually have the vagina to say how I feel knowing that I will get criticized for it (I say vagina, since it takes a serious thrashing and bleeds, while balls appear to be mostly decorative). Hopefully the positive outcome from The Trump Dynasty is he will back down, receive the punishments that he has created, and we will enter a golden era. As Pink Floyd sang the ageless, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”.