Guess Column: The Spell of the Sensuous

Reluctant Seductions

BOOK REVIEW by Uriél Danā, Contributing Editor

Reluctant Seductions: The Red Light Stories is a book of poems by Anthony Doyle that drown his readers in sensuality. This book invokes all the senses of its reader.

Getting to know your lovers body, surrendering to your own pleasure, bondage, the awe of the Divine Feminine, awkward sleep overs, second dates, pay for play and the push pull of lovers not quite available are all themes. It’s the perfect book to sit by your night table or read aloud to your lover.

Anthony Doyle has been a poet from a young age. It has touched every aspect of his life year after year. He moved to Los Angeles in 1986 from Houston. He created 32 And Counting Productions, a publishing platform.



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The Patient Carnal Gardener

©Anthony Doyle 2021

I like my roses grown

full bloom

near the waning turn of their Summer

the view

is so less complicated

the handling

is less precarious

and appreciated



are reciprocated

in an equal exchange


when she says

“save yo chivalry boy,

I need a man,

who’s tended gardens,


Never minding

her weather

some storms

as they are

meant as they will be


for the hurting

is feast

for the famished

but I like my roses grown

full bloom

near the waning turn of their Summer

near the peak of their Fall


Saints at the Sinners’ Ball

©Anthony Doyle 2021

We are

we know

much like them

No better

no worse

Two do-gooders

dressin up like saints

dancin with sinners

Pardon me,

while I testify!


with values

adhered by a few

forgotten by many

torn by the inhibited

But we both know

you lost all your inhibitions

a day past the day

you became the woman

That woman

I decided I’d chase

and drop a bible for

along the way

But that’s more than enough,

about me

And maybe

just maybe

We’ll settle someday

for somethin

someone, nice

But nice,

don’t make you pick up that phone

when you know, you shouldn’t

Knowin you want to

knowin damn well,

you will

Finding time

when and where

there ain’t none

just an indiscretion away

Partners for a fix

for a minute

A duo

a match made just East of Heaven

playin infidelitous musical chairs

takin separate cars

half an hour past midnight

Damn you, damn me, damn us

come’on Cinderella

“let’s dance!”