Guest Column: Paranormal Romance

by Vanessa Wester


Projects or ideas can come from many different sources – a documentary, a book, an image, a group in town, or a shop assistant. The need to write is powerful indeed. I am not a writer that has to write as a job – writing just happens to make me a better person. Call it a way to vent. I also walk and swim to keep fit and relax. We all need an escape. Since I don’t drink or smoke, writing is my vice! (As well as chocolate, cakes, and good food, but we don’t need to go into that.)

As a reader who is always looking for the next big read, I have to admit that I have been disappointed over the years at the “must reads” that have been thrown in our direction. Sometimes, I do not like to follow the trend and other times I don’t realize a book was trending when I rave about an author! I have read many self-published books that have blown me away, and other traditionally published mainstream books that have left me wanting. Originality is important for me as a reader. However, sometimes it is nice to read a book with a predictable plot line. But, “nice” is never special.

In my opinion, there has been a surge of YA/children’s books over the last 20 or so years that have caught the imagination of many young readers. Harry Potter, Twilight, Divergent, Hunger Games, Who Wants to Train a Dragon, Noughts & Crosses, Gone, Alex Rider, Half Bad… As well as the multitude of paranormal romance (guilty as charged) series that have flooded the market. Readers love these books (myself included) and my daughter, 12, is voracious in reading them all! Of course, Roald Dahl is still a favourite, as well as David Walliams.

As a reader, I want to be shocked. I want to laugh, cry, feel loved, everything… Human nature dictates that we seek these emotions. Safer in a book than in real life, don’t you think?

I think that children need to be encouraged to discover books. Libraries need to stay open and investments in education need to continue to secure the future development of our children. Saying this, Goodreads is a great site for readers to discuss books, meet other readers, and share. Social media is a powerful tool for any author. If you master it, you are on the road to success.

Goodreads Author Profile:

I have a feeling society, in terms of its individuals and their basic needs, will ever change that much in the long run. We all have different wants and interests. You will never get me interested in watching too much sport, but then others that socialise by going to support their favourite teams might arguably be having a better time with friends than I am with my book – I did say arguably!

Becoming a writer has enabled me to use my skills and imagination. To create something that I can be proud of. It has also made my children aware of how hard it is to create a book – to write it, edit it, make covers, promote it, etc… I am hoping my daughter will be an agent one day! She is very critical. The fact they also see me read, blog, use social media, also means that I am closer to the world they are growing up in. I am not a complete dinosaur!

To conclude, can I challenge anyone reading this and wondering to just go for it? Write down your ideas, work hard to make it come together, have patience, and one day stand back and say to yourself, “I did that.” That’s when you allow yourself to smile.

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