Higher Love II: Setting a New Direction

Rafal Olbinski, Artist

Introduction by Publisher


There are endless volumes written about the soul and the stuff of the soul, some more brilliant than others, and some more intimate and still others more abstract in language and architecture.

In essence, the language of the soul for all its efforts is evasive on what the soul really is…so we imagine and create.

As something that’s “immaterial” and “invisible” – no one has ever seen the soul or offered physical evidence, which in turn makes it convenient for philosophers, theologians, mystics, artists, and numerous others to imagine, dramatize and amplify, its existence is open to question.

The soul is often called the “driver” of human action and so forth, and that sounds like workings of the brain – the soul is an easily manipulated term with ancient roots from Greece and further back a few thousand years in other cultures, and even then, that doesn’t tell me what I want to know; etymologically it may mean from water and blood depending on the culture or even a mistiness and a vaporous energy.

What is the intent?

Humans evolved and created language, whether the word God or the word soul, they are words invented by humans in their attempt to come to terms with their own temporal existence. The ancient appearance of the concept of the soul appears to correspond to instinctual and native cellular reasoning / understanding of the surrounding animistic world. It was about surviving in nature and the violence of a world filled with predators, and nature’s changing volatility – the environs serving as a stimulus.

It took millions of years of evolution from a violent beginning to comprehend the dust from which we evolve.

The soul and the stuff of soul is a meditation on knowing that we all will return to stardust and the imagining of the soul is a way of dealing with the reality of our temporality.

This piece is but one lovely example of our guesswork as we also guess the idea of the soul, if we are fortunate, is based on a higher concept of love that’s rooted in our evolution and embedded in our cellular growth, which in turn learns as it pauses, questions, and wonders.


Take a Quantum Leap: Express Your Soul Self

by Hilary Bowring

 “The purpose of all relationships is to be and decide who you really are” Neale Donald Walsh

Forming a Higher Love relationship has the potential to help us create a life that expresses our Soul Self in every way. Our soul is always present but often suppressed by our persona, the personality self we developed to fit in with family and society to feel safe and well regarded. Living as the Soul Self leads to liberation from conditioning patterns and fear. Bringing a new level of inner peace and self certainty, despite what’s going on outside in the world. And enhances our ability to change the world!

Until we create a conscious intention, and commit to inner change to become our Soul Self our sub-conscious beliefs drive our relationships, for better or for worse:


On the positive side this intention may be fully supported by our mate’s help to express all our potential. On the other hand such an intention will not always be super romantic, because expressing our Soul Self may include challenges to help us break free from old patterns. I believe there are soul contracts between partners and family members that we have agreed to and some of them might be tougher journeys for rapid acceleration, others might be calm. Sometimes we or someone else cannot actually fulfil what was agreed to and the contract becomes null and void.

Are you open to experience a spiritual relationship for inner growth that expresses your soul, even if it’s not always pleasant? Remembering challenges can hold the highest potential for expansion. Akin to climbing Mount Everest, the sensational Joy and Awe at the top makes the challenge worth the effort!

Doesn’t appeal to everyone, it’s easier to stay in the old comfort zone which is fine but this lifetime offers the gift of expansion. Like the universe itself which is always expanding, just because it can. It’s a matter of choice.

This exploration seeks the way to Soul Self expression in Love relationships.


We’re on a journey of discovery, beginning with understanding how the Power of Intention and the Power of Surrender work together. Setting a clear intention lights our way forward, while surrendering navigates the curves life inevitably serves. Like a sailor has to know where they’re going and at the same time knows when to surrender to the power of nature for the subtle guidance in every moment, especially in a storm. The vagaries swing us off the path until we can accept both forces are operating. With awareness of the need to surrender we develop the ability to go with the flow to reach our destination.

Use the Power of Intention to set the course.

We’ve been taught about creating goals and plans but Intention begins at a deeper place inside, in our hearts where we connect with our soul. We need to drop down into our hearts to connect with a deeper part of ourselves. I’ll share mine:

My Highest Relationship Intention: Freedom to fully express our Soul Selves.

Then Surrender to Quantum Reality

The intention sounds pretty clear, however aside from the subconscious influences we are also under the influence of Collective Consciousness when it comes to manifestation. The relatively new exposure to quantum physics helps our understanding. Here’s my simplified version!

The power of Focus: Quantum physics explains the power of our focus– wherever we place attention becomes a reality in some form or another, good or bad. Reminds us to become vigilant about the thoughts we focus on; a focus on negativity will sabotage the intention.

Our Interconnection affects the outcome of our Intention: Our intention goes into the quantum field of energy into a melee with everyone else’s thinking.  Thus the outcome is affected by collective thinking and beliefs so the manifestation may be slightly modified.  All is governed by the laws of probability and possibility, nothing is absolutely definitely going to happen. A complex puzzle. Setbacks can occur. .

Our ability to go with the flow is important while staying with our intention, reinforcing an outcome that is more and more congruent with our dream.  Sometimes we have to wait for the energy to regroup for the next manifestation of our intention. Stay firm and patient.

On the other side of the coin something better than we ever imagined can happen. Halleluiah!

Inspire The Power of Grace.

The mystery of Love runs deep.

There is a concept in Eastern philosophy of the miracle force of Grace, called Sri. Or as one of my teachers would say we get “The Lucky’. It tips in from time to time and one wonders why? It seems to operate for no particular rhyme or reason.

-May be LOVE invites in the Sri to energize the dream? Invite LOVE into our thinking, even when there is non loving behaviour from someone- see it as a call to love. We’ve all behaved badly on occasions when we were feeling fear or insecure, so give that slack to others. Doesn’t mean we don’t have boundaries there are legitimate times to say No! to bad behaviour. We inspire Sri by holding a detached but loving state wherever possible!

-Including others in our intention infuses Grace into our manifestation – We strongly invoke Sri when we care for the well being of all. When we are in the flow of understanding we are in everything and look for compassion rather than judgment. Gradually we start to see ourselves in the opposites we abhor….We can inspire grace when we consciously turn our lives to be of service and our personal desires incorporate the same for others.

(Lynne McTaggart’s Intention experiments for others show the Intenders benefit too. www.lynnemctaggart.com)     

Be Grateful when it happens, may be Sri is like the spin of the roulette wheel, some win some lose– beyond our logical understanding.

Take a Quantum Leap to Highest Love- We can change the world

Requires a Quantum mindset to take the Leap. This mindset opens to the idea that everything is Energy and that Consciousness is present inside ourselves with the Same Power. Wow! How we are all interconnected, any change in one thing influences everything else. We can stand for humanity making exciting changes, as when we realign with our soul we co create with the universe, supported by grace. All starts with an intention to live our soul purpose and a focus on our heart as we Intend:

“ I AM fully expressing my Soul, knowing the universe and my relationship support me ”

Takes regular daily practices to tune into and change our neural circuitry, the brain takes 40-200 days to form a new pathway. With regular practice, grace and miracles flood in. Everything is much faster, both inner transformation and outer manifestation

-Intend to connect with our soul desires and affirm that each day.

-Live in non resistance to life, Live in the flow state, Take risks!

-Stay true to our inner knowing while listening to others views avoiding judgment .

Live in high expectations, expect blessings! Focus on positive outcomes not fears

-Daily affirmations  intending for the greater good, such as: “I’m a clear and open channel for divine ideas to flow through me, the creativity of the universe expresses though me.” “I am Love”,” I am Harmony”, “I am Compassion”, “I am Oneness and bridge the Divide”, “I am a powerful force for Peace”.

Daily meditation even 10min a day makes a difference. Consistency is important- same time, same place. Meditation helps us turn within to align with our soul for guidance.

Feel your Soul Meditation


 -Chanting OM raises our vibration and others benefit too. It is said when 1% of the population vibrates with Love that raises the total quantum field vibe.