Honey Lavender

by Sue DeGregorio-Rosen, RN, CLNC, Contributing Editor

I walked into my favorite coffee shop, scanned the crowded place to find an empty table. I spotted one. Hurried over to it and set my work bag and jacket down and then walked up to the counter to order my drink. I didn’t notice you at first.  My eyes were still a blur from a late-night lecture. I began talking to myself.  Do I order my usual, honey lavender latte?  I need a perk up, so decided on a Frappuccino.

As I was waiting for my order, I felt you, your presence. You were behind me. I didn’t want to turn around; I didn’t want to be embarrassed and even acknowledge our last meeting.  Why were you here, I asked myself……I don’t want to look at you.  How was I going to do this?  I was feeling the heat, and there was no avoiding you…. you had this effect on me, I barely knew you… the first time. Why do I feel like this? Now what? Do I head straight for the bathroom?

I picked up my drink and turned to look to the left, where I knew the ladies, room was, when I felt your body next to mine and a stiffness against my leg. Jesus. Your hand touched my leg. Romantic? No. Lusty. Yes.

Oh! I almost spilled my drink!

I’m sorry, I didn’t know how else to get your attention, so I thought……..

You thought?  Can you please remove your hand?

From where?

My clothing, please?

You really didn’t want me to touch you?

We are in a public place…. yes!

Are your panties wet……..

Please…… we’ve been in that place before, but it was in the back seat of a vehicle with tinted windows……this is public……


Ok, I’m sorry.

 I was wet, and my heart was racing…… we both knew ……

Mind if I sit with you?

Why?  So, you can finger fuck me in public?

If you want me too…….

Did I want him to? This was so crazy. His name was Danny, we met at a bar one-night last week.  He was from Seattle, in New York City, working with a company I once worked with.  We were both lawyers. I did labor law, and I was looking forward to interviewing with my new client next week. He was a hospital attorney.  We traded war stories over a few drinks too many and ended up in the back seat of his rental, fucking.  Wild hot steamy sex for about 20 minutes, non-stop, in every position we could……..it was either too many drinks or I enjoyed fucking him…… Okay, I like fucking, let the man beware.

I had grown to like these one-nighters since my divorce.  It was risky behavior, and I was fully aware that I may come to regret my indiscretions. I was in a marriage for 10 years, 10 years with the man of my dreams. Rand and I were graduate school sweethearts, we began living together two weeks after our first night of passion, and from there we led each other down the aisle.  We had a wonderful storybook romance, until………until I came home from work early, one afternoon.  His keys were in the door, and the door was left open. I thought it strange, but not suspicious. I called out to him, but then I heard the shower.

Now this could be fun, he was naked in a hot shower, and I was feeling a little horny. I stripped down and I looked at myself admiring my toned body.  Sex had gotten a little boring as of late, and I was hoping to spice things up. I grabbed a bottle of massage oil, rubbed it deliciously over my body, especially where it counted the most, the oil felt so good, good enough that I let myself linger for a while, rubbing my labia gently, stroking my clit. I was ready and proceeded to sneak into that same shower with my husband. I was intent on making him feel good, as good if not better than I was feeling……when I let myself in, I wasn’t just shocked, I was heartbroken. She was my best friend, and she was there with my husband. She was in the middle of giving him a blowjob……..and this was………. Girl interrupted……….Omg.

Danny, that is your name, right?

Or whatever you want to call me………

Ok, Danny, listen, we had one night of fun in the back of a limousine.  And it was fun, but that was it.  We did not exchange phone numbers, we said goodbye, and I left your car…  I haven’t seen nor heard from you since.  You know where I work, you could have made contact if you wanted to see me, but you didn’t.  So, why don’t we just leave it at that…

My name is not Danny.

Wait, what?  Your name is not Danny? You lied to me?


And now you are stalking me, and sexually assaulting me in public?

I didn’t assault you……

Well, who the fuck are you, and what do you call pressing your dick up against my leg and putting your hand up the back of my skirt asking me if you could finger fuck me in public.  What would you call that, what would you call any of this……..

I stopped when you asked me to.  And let me just remind you how we ended up in the backseat of the limousine……. that was your move. And I am not stalking you. I would like to apologize if you thought that.  I really liked you.

Oh, so we just “bumped” into each other, whatever your name is?

Ok, k, let’s start over.  My name is Liam Perot, and you are?

Liam Perot?

Yes, and you are?

Brielle Sommers.  Does that ring a bell?

No, besides the first interlude we shared.  Should it?

Well, not necessarily, I would imagine you are a busy guy.  Are you married?

No, are you?

No…..but thanks for asking.

Ok, so then can we start over? Maybe like real people do?  My name is Liam Perot, it’s nice to meet you, Brielle Sommers.

And in that split second, I grabbed my stuff and got up from my seat.

Wait, where are you going?

I have an appointment.

Oh, ok, I’m sorry…….can I see you again?

And in just that moment I leaned over to him, grabbed his face, and kissed him so hard, hard enough to get him hard. I even reached down to make sure and of course, his dick was hard, flipped my hair back and said…….

See you in the morning, Mr. Perot…….I’m your very first early morning client interview……….ta’ ta’