Honour the power of the Winter Solstice

Hilary Bowring, Photographer

by Hilary Bowring, Contributing Editor


The Winter solstice marks the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. A time of transition. A time of death and re-birth as we enter the winter quiet and prepare for new birth in the spring. A time of inner reflection, letting go, releasing parts that no longer serve us, creating space for New Beginnings. Germinating new seeds holding the possibility of evolving further as our Soul selves. An opportunity to affirm or change the direction of our life intention. Maybe recognize that we are all part of One Consciousness. An auspicious time to do this as all intentions are intensified at the Solstice and can continue to be reinforced throughout the year.

Let us affirm: One Love, One Heart, One Consciousness

One Consciousness

It can be hard to believe we are all part of One Consciousness in these turbulent times with an ever-visible divide. Differences of opinion prevail. Even a war is being waged that puts our survival in a precarious state, with shocking photos of man’s inhumanity to man, cruelty, and desecration of our earth. We are bombarded with information such that we risk becoming inured to these horrors. Then the constant news about the viruses, raising fears, and more separation, more debate. More blame and shame. Sometimes debate is going to worsen the separation. Instead, we can try to stay detached, give some slack to others, aim to move to compassionate neutrality. Allow each to be in their comfort zone.

Unless there is too much government control and suppression.

Challenging the old paradigm

 We can readily see the rigidity and control in China, Iran, and Afghanistan with horrific punishments for anyone who challenges. Executions and jails, mysterious arrests of people never to be seen again. Yet our western governments are increasingly controlling us in much more subtle ways. Phones that not only track where we are but also track our lifestyles and interests. Make no mistake we have it going on here in Pleasantville Canada revealed by the invocation of The Emergency powers Act to end the blockade in Ottawa by the trucker’s freedom convoy. Bank accounts of those who participated, or supported with donations, were frozen at lightening speed. The fact that a government could do that so rapidly and with such precision is chilling. We can be controlled very easily.

The power of Our interconnection

The truth and the good news, we are all interconnected with a lot of individual power, as well as collective power, we can heal the divide in humanity and make a change for the greater good of all if we each play our role and bridge the divide of differing opinions.

The power of heroes

The heroes challenging suppression in China and Iran with incredible courage inspire us all. We can all be heroes in a smaller way by speaking up for the values of compassion, integrity, and freedom.

The power of Listening.

Its not easy to attentively listen and take in another perspective, put aside our confirmation biases to be open and curious. Yet if we do so we may even change our minds or at least have compassion for someone being stuck in a mental programme. Some people will stay locked in a belief loop all their lives. Let it be.

Winter Solstice Inner reflection Experience

Sit quietly. Let’s focus on our hearts, the seat of the soul, to connect with the deep wisdom inside us. Once we connect, we will be guided intuitively about any parts of ourselves we’ve suppressed that can now come forward into the light and reality. Fearlessly expressing our unique soul contribution to humanity’s spiritual evolution. Breathe into your heart and out from your heart. Breathe into your heart deeply; fill your whole body with breath. Then exhale gently through your mouth. Breathe in again deeply as if reaching behind the physical heart to your back and connect with your inner heart centre, the seat of the soul. Now contemplate what is coming forward for you……which gifts have you put down or silenced…. … Make a mental note of what comes forward.

Love and Compassion are two of the greatest gifts we can offer to ourselves and to others. Sowing these seeds at Solstice makes them more powerful

We can dream in new ways of healing the world.

Let’s focus on an intention of feeling love for ourselves and sending Love out to others. Feel the vast love of the great heart. Be embraced by that love knowing it has the power to heal humanity and our planet.

Now send LOVE out into the world—imagine loving energy spreading throughout the world—dissolving animosity, dissolving bigotry, dissolving hate, fear, violence, control, and demonization of otherness. Transforming oppression into freedom.

RE-birthing the values of Love and Compassion on our planet.

Place your hands in front of your heart in Namaste to secure our intention to heal ourselves, humanity, and the planet with the power of Love.

Guided Meditations

Here are some guided Meditations you might find helpful in dissolving any old resentments and blame from the past that can keep us separate and alone.

Forgiveness Meditation     

Oneness Meditation

Blessings to the World Meditation