Humors of Madness

Credit. The Endless Enigma by Salvador Dali, Artist

by LJ Frank

The different sorts of madness are innumerable.  (Maniae infinitae sunt species) Avicenna, Apothegm 1000 C.E. As quoted by Rabelais, Pantagruel, Bk V.

Thank you for seeing me doctor. Where do I begin?

Let’s begin at the beginning. The reason you wanted to see me.

Well…it’s complicated. Probably more than even I’m aware of. I’m an extremely worthy person.  I believe in self-control and being accomplished at persuading others of my value in their life. Minutiae used to keep me awake at night. I’d wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.  Ten years later I arrived at a stage where I honestly feel that I can solve the problems of a polarizing environment. Of late it’s all I think about. Do you understand what I am saying, doctor?

I nodded. Do you consider yourself obsessive-compulsive? Or are you….

Isn’t everyone in some measure? It’s the alarm clock inside each of us. Aren’t we all playing roles in the theater of life?

I see. Do you enjoy theater?

I love live theater…isn’t it more stimulating than film?

Preference, I guess. Do you like being on stage?

Who isn’t on stage?

You spoke about the night, what about during the day? How would describe the role you play each day?

Well…it’s all about being successful in whatever role you select, don’t you agree?

What does success mean for you?

I’m a successful capitalist with political influence. A man with money calls the shots, doesn’t he?

You’ve answered questions with questions. There’s many possibilities as to why. Are you trying to give yourself time to formulate a deeper answer, or is it just your probing mind, or is this a game, or something else altogether?

I don’t know if I understand. What are you suggesting?

The Spanish Jesuit and writer, Baltasar Gracián, observed something to the effect that it’s better mad with everybody than wise alone? What are your thoughts about that observation?

Are you suggesting I am mad or wise?

Neither. But allow me to ask, how did you decide on me, given my credentials?

I looked up people on the Internet while visiting my girlfriend in Miami and…well…your name was easy to pronounce and your academic background was impressive and I was hoping you had some informative answers and questions.

Agreeable informative answers and questions?


Well, you might want to look on the Internet again and double check my field of expertise. Things may not be what we thought at first glance.