Guest Column: IMPEACH

 by Sue DeGregorio-Rosen, RN, CLNC

Impeach means to charge someone with doing something wrong, specifically a high government official, such as the U.S. president, a senator, or a federal judge. Fortunately, very few presidents have had the dishonor of being impeached. … Impeach comes from the Latin impedicare, meaning “catch, entangle.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi listened, over the past year, of the calls of not only the Democratic party, but the will of the American people that Donald J. Trump was unfit for the office of the President. To her credit, she urged to all, caution. And so we watched this part of history unfold. Some felt that the Mueller report would reveal a gritty intensity needed to spark that fire. Others used their systems available and the investigation carefully to unfold the articles of impeachment that would expose Mr. Trump’s Ukraine extortion and advised moderation in the selection of the articles of impeachment to attain a goal.

That goal was to show the American people that these political pawns are the mechanism of our real problems, one being the corporate state, and two, a corrupt leadership in the White House. They minced words and took steps, they wasted our time as they stuck to familiar structures. In the long run, it didn’t matter, Donald J. Trump was about to be impeached. On December 18, 2019, a vote was cast.

The Holiday Season has begun.

We now enter a new age. The year 2020 will arrive, shortly. The year 2020 will be an uncomfortable year, it will throw us off balance, and we will learn the sound of a different drum.

This is what we will face, we will face opposition, we will face those that are accustomed to passivity, and we will face many challenges. Different from any other time in history, what has become comfortable to live with today, will become our demise as 2020 approaches. It’s time to change, and to offer a spirit of hope that this country was founded on.

We must grow into a fully functional society who can work together, we must trust our innate sense and stop obeying our profit-addicted government and corporate political tyrants. It’s up to us to find the courage to change , and stop trying to rely and point fingers at politicians who are abusive and destructive. we have the right to self-govern, support one another as we deal with homelessness, climate change, and with political instability. If we can resist the injustices of the corporate controlled state, perhaps we can broaden our sense of democracy. What would go into the Constitution if we were to write it in this day and age…..we, the people, not the politicians, US ??

Thank you, and may we all have the faith and courage to save the very course of our existence, for now and future generations to come. Happy New Year!