In search of a “poem” I penned as a youth

Source. Pexels. Cottonbro, Photographer

Edward Reid


 where is the poem I penned as a youth

misplaced in some file or notebook

verse rather than prose

is there a supposition hidden within

what is the point of poetry I asked the air

  • to evoke an emotion, I suppose

but how shall it be written…

rhyme or free verse

 limerick, sonnet, ode, elegy, pastoral

or a couple dozen others, all of an artificial shaping

joyful or melancholic or somewhere between

provocative or pretentious

bewildered by words that feel lost 

a maze of intellectualized categories

a dream of a ship that never reaches its port 

will I keep the true cargo to myself 

with riches of meaning partially buried in a Cloud

under piles of documents in the mind’s digital attic

but will a potential future reader care 

affirmation and curiosity or whatever 

what matters the most and to whom

a question is always wanting between the pages

as I have read in a mysterious tome

found at a used and rare book shop

where I spent hours just for the thoughtful atmosphere

with flowers, paintings, and a stray calico cat

fragrance, beauty, and touch

with meanings all their own

so why should I be concerned

about a misplaced poem I created             

long before I knew the meaning of shapeshifting.