Indulgence: The Psychiatrist & the “Congressman”

Pexels. Angela Roma, Photographer

by LJ Frank

Doctor Gewissen, a patient is here.  It’s that man from Capitol Hill.

Thanks Ingrid. The man from Capitol Hill? Oh? Hmm.  Did he have an appointment?

No. He said it was an emergency. And your scheduled patient should be arriving in thirty minutes.

So much for catching up. Send him in.

(The patient enters)

How are you this morning J?

Congressman Fallus. Doctor Gewissen.

But, of course, Congressman J Fallus. It’s Friday. Why don’t you sit on the love seat Congressman Fallus. We have thirty minutes. 

The love seat. Thirty minutes. Yes. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

How do you feel this morning? That is, what’s the emergency?

I’m not sure.

What do you mean you’re not sure? It’s not an emergency?

It’s an emergency.  I don’t know how to classify it. Maybe, Freudian existential?

I see.

I didn’t recognize the man in the bathroom mirror this morning.

Start from the beginning.

I got out of bed. I went about my normal routine. I checked my wallet, logged into my computer, and checked my bank account. I then walked over to the window facing the street and peeked through the blinds of my condominium…at the street below. And then headed to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror. And…I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  

What do you mean?

The lingerie I was wearing…well…and there were blotches on my chest…well…oh god.


I was trying to figure it all out and what had happened when it was at the moment, I heard someone snoring.

Your wife?

No, it couldn’t be.


She’s with her sister back home. I mean that’s what she told me two days ago.

Who was in the bed?

That’s just it. I don’t know for sure or at least didn’t know at first, nor do I know how I got into the things that I was wearing? And then I heard another sound. I looked back in the bedroom and the woman had rolled over and was taking a deep breath. I noticed her smooth, tan leg was exposed to the upper thigh.  I recognized the leg and the ankle bracelet.

Ankle bracelet? Well?

Well…then I thought I heard a pounding on the door. I hurried to the door and looked through the peephole. No one was there. It might have been someone next door. The walls could use more insulation.  Anyways, I walked back to the bedroom. The bed was empty. She was gone. I heard the water running. It came from the shower. I looked into the bathroom. I saw the outline of the figure through the glass door. Oh, Jesus I realized who I thought it was…but…she…it couldn’t be…I mean how it could it be? She was from…I didn’t know what to do. I got dressed and left a note to lock up.

You did what?



Other than my name, who am I?

I see. Let’s reschedule for an appointment. I’ll write up a prescription to relax you. In the meantime, write down everything you told me and everything related to the event to the best of your knowledge.

Thank you. Congressman Fallus’ phone rang: Yeah. Last night and this morning? Yeah…it was you? Oh my…I thought you were…I mean…of course…I can meet you this afternoon. Okay. Thank you for calling. Goodbye.

Who was it?

Oh no. The person I was with last night. 


It was not who I thought it was.

I see.