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The Invisible Path. Tuco Amalfi, Artist

by Hilary Bowring, Contributing Editor





Intend the change

Like many people I wake up in a bit of a blur, dreams still partially in my consciousness drifting into a distant forgetfulness, until the ‘Who I am’ identity kicks in. And we all pretty well adhere to the ‘Who I am’ programming we’ve built up over our life time through experiences and conditioning. A safe place we can call home. It is said most of us say the same things to ourselves over and over in the confines of our minds. Finding comfort in the familiar.

As I have time nowadays I don’t need to bolt out of bed, up and out at the command of the alarm, I may contemplate the details of my dream and the message it bears from my subconscious…A luxury I know and I appreciate this time of grace, having had many years of wake up, shower, dress, coffee.  Out, hit the road to work.

Now I can set the energy for my day often overriding a disconcerting dream or ‘Who I am’ repetitive thoughts. I have the option to re-boot my computer. In order to open to a totally new day feeling empowered and renewed I need some brain washing. I use my power of intention to affect my attitude and things out there.

I have developed quite a long Morning Incantation and Prayer to set the mojo.

I sit up in bed and outstretch my arms out wide in the triumph position runners make at the finish line. And I pronounce the following with a smile on my face. Waving my arms in and out creating new positive energy waves:


“I am grateful and I’m happy to be alive.
I am grateful I am healthy. I am wealthy, I am wise. I am beautiful.
I’m grateful that I love…. xxxx. And that I am loved by…..xxxx 

I’m grateful that I love all my friends and family and that I am loved by all my friends and family.
I’m youthful, I’m radiant, ever rejuvenating, looking younger and younger every day- younger face, younger arms, younger body, I am youthing!

I am delicious. I am delectable. I am delightful kind and caring.

For Others:

I am powerful.
I’m aware I am part of One Consciousness and I send love and kindness into the quantum field.
 I am caring for all human beings to have health care, welfare, a lovely place to live, food and drink on their table, a role in life and understand we are part of one consciousness
I am caring for Mother Earth all creatures great and small. The mountains high, the valleys low, the oceans, the lakes, the rivers, the streams, the waterfalls, the babbling brooks. The rolling hillsides, the woodlands, the copses, the meadows.
Loving them all and asking for guidance on how to help repair the past and sustain her future with new conscious actions. I pray that all governments will honour the agreements made at Cop 27 and Cop15. And for Mother Earth to bring harmony as gently as possible.
I am a peace maker dealing with difficulties with conversation, listening, negotiating, compromising and when I am wrong promptly admitting it. Asking for help on being tolerant, non competitive, finding gentle communication, moving to compassionate neutrality and celebration of others.
I am global working with others for the betterment of human kind sending love and respect to all our world leaders to treat one another with love and respect
All countries with love and respect
All races with love and respect
All genders with love and respect
Our planet with love and respect
The values of honesty, kindness, compassion, integrity, peace and freedom with love and respect
Then I go through all the world leaders by name: Putin, Zelensky, Joe Biden etc.etc. etc
Conclude with these pronouncements:
-Peace treaties formed between Russia and Ukraine, the end of killing, the end of devastation, the end of man’s inhumanity to man. A new recognition of our interdependence. Finding solutions to disputes and difficulties based on making compromises in favour of peace and the betterment of humanity.

-The end of executions of dissidents in Iran
-Thanks for the lifting of lockdowns in China and for people there renewing their health and experiencing freedom again
-The lifting of suppression of women in Afghanistan allowing attendance at universities and schools again.

AND SO BE IT. Namaste

Believe it or not I say this every day, I must have been a nun or monk in another lifetime going through my rosary back then. I share this litany in case one or two thoughts resonate with you, reading this… A single positive thought several of us relate to, vibrates powerfully through the universe and can become manifest.  We can engage with the power of Intention which is amplified when we are in tune together. Especially if we repeat out loud, the sound empowers our collective manifestation.

Here’s a meditation intending the change—

Blessings to the World Meditation