Inquiry: NPJ ~ Literacy Beyond Niches

Credit: Stream - LJ Frank, Photographer

by LJ Frank

Narrative Paths Journal is beyond the idea of niche. Just as the 21st century is moving beyond the niches of politics, arts, academia and culture where disparate and contemporary definitions and meanings are evolving both at a sustainable and non-sustainable pace – depending on how much money one has in their bank account for survival and accented by the degree of tolerance of an individual, neighborhood, community, institution and nation.   

We choose not to be limited by the limitations of others. We are non-profit. Our staff is volunteer as is all those who write for us.

We acknowledge that if you literally have nothing to lose, what then do you have to lose except fear itself? When your life is tumultuous, splintered or shattered for whatever reason and you are not a celebrity or person that has resources available to you, your voice may become lost in the noise around you.  When you’re impoverished whether in mind and physical wellness, when you find too many people being trapped within the travesties of injustice and you have an abundance of  fair-weather friends, or when formal religion offers no spiritual philosophical or pragmatic panacea, then what is there to lose – except an existential nothingness?

We have many questions. We are striving to ask humane and reasonable ones.

NPJ is an international literary journal focusing on a world of diverse philosophies – to live, to grow, to learn, to tolerate, to nurture and to survive in some fashion. We open ourself to ideas across cultural, political, artistic and scientific boundaries of which most appear ultimately to be artificial. 

The only limitations one has are the limitations of imagination and capability to seek and explore the perceived mundane – woven with the rich textures of life itself in all of its patterns.

To be literate, exploratory, caring, passionate and honest are the characteristics we strive to achieve. The subject matter is as diverse as the peoples of the world. We are an evolving architecture of the human voice.