Inquiry: The Penis, The Uterus & The Un-Imprisoned Mind ~ A Future Model

Source: Pexels. Daniel Anaur, Photographer.

by LJ Frank

Attitude and Behavior – an evolving model

Much of the available scholarly library literature on unwanted pregnancy, abortion, pro-life, pro-birth, and related subject matter, focuses primarily on the female. 

The focal point between male and female behavior is often viewed through the lens of religion, politics and social – psychological constructs. For example, thinking of Roe vs. Wade among a myriad of legal, political, social, health and ethical issues, the question arises – if a woman’s uterus can be legislated by Congressional and state law and a Supreme Court ruling, should a man’s penis also be legislated and ruled upon? 

THE ROOTS OF THE ISSUE: Most, but not all cultures are patriarchal. And though not all attitudes are based on privilege, most world cultures that practice patriarchy imply if not demonstrate male control over female, including their bodies. The original intent of patriarchy is male domination. Religious belief and patriarchy historically are woven in a complex threaded quilt of male power. In western religions the church, the synagogue and the temple were places that offered the opportunity, historically to shine the light on male privilege, as if their invisible God possessed a penis. Man in the image of God was/is a metaphor interpreted in the literal sense.

The history of God’s phallus is an interesting study. And whether one is pro-birth or pro-life (they overlap but are different), the Catholic Church regarding abortion, among other religions appear on the surface as pro-life though allow abortions within specific contexts (e.g., IslamJudaism), the Catholic Church did not originally oppose abortion (pro-birth was not on the docket) but they regulated it until the mid-19th century. As noted above, other religions have similar issues. The reproductive rights of women is but a tipping point, e.g., liberation theology.

Over the centuries the male invention of “sin” was and is one of the tools in the tool kit of theologians’ and religious ministries for the sake of control and punishment to the disobedient and used as an excuse for perceived human misconduct and blasphemous acts. As Buddha suggested; “The mind precedes all things, the mind dominates all things, the mind creates all things.”

Philosophically, much modern law is rooted in patriarchal schemes. The mindful question becomes one of equal justice, human rights, and the intrinsic value and attitude humans have towards each other.

America’s prisons are an example of the privilege of power and wealth via the lobbyists and those with a financial stake in the facilities of detention – the money to be made from the incarceration. It’s big business and no obstacle is too great to overcome where money and power are concerned. Prison abuse is rampant and purposefully so when greed and the imprisoned mind is involved. The cost of maintaining a single prisoner in a state prison is over $69,000 per inmate, annually. Is there an opportunity to correct the unfairness, one step at a time, until the power structure sees the injustices it has committed and steps aside for the sake of civility and compassion and moves toward rehabilitation?

AN EVOLVING MODEL:  The use of chastity devices for biological males is moving beyond a kinky lifestyle. The use of a chastity belt or device may serve as a journey to greater self-awareness and cost benefit and effective intervention. That is, the value of the locked penis is revealed in the financial savings – it’s less expensive than private and public imprisonment for penis related issues. The penis is incarcerated rather than the whole man. The penis is separated from what it means to be a man. That incarceration serves the purpose of channeling the toxic masculinity fueled by patriarchy, politics, religion, and related cultural constructs. 

An example of the chastity process would be to lock a penis in chastity and have the man report to a judicially appointed probation officer who holds the key, on a weekly basis, that is, sensitivity training as each reporting session allows the person to learn more about himself and is far less expensive than the physical structure of a prison. The objective is a psychological and cultural rehabilitation with the downstream effects of a change in political and personal power attitudes. 

Today we have barcodes (RFID – radio frequency identification) on everything from library books to ankle bracelets, to shopping carts (e.g., Kroger grocery stores). Could we also place bar codes on male chastity devices? This may sound extreme, but ask yourself who is controlling who in our oligarchy where the machine and the human are mere extensions of each other?  

The idea would be to encourage the chastised man to become more sensitive while simultaneously unlocking the chastity device in the brain, as physical imprisonment of the whole person only leads to retentiveness. Rehabilitation, again, is less expensive than a prison facility.

The downstream effect obviously doesn’t cure whatever was lacking in personal growth as a child. But it offers an opportunity for greater sensitivity as to one’s learned behavior. The argument of “free will” holds little water for a severely abused child of a broken home and a correspondingly broken spirit or mentally unstable mind. The chastity device is not a cure all but an attempt to refocus on what is being legislated and made into law. For any number of men, it may serve as an opportunity for growth while saving money in a polarized culture rooted in patriarchy, capitalism, privilege and simultaneously facing the existential predicament from climate change to overpopulation and the ongoing threat of an accident leading to nuclear, biological and or chemical warfare.

Within the context of the pandemic, it’s been somewhat interesting to find out how many of the same people that want to control a woman’s uterus, have stated wearing a mask is a violation of their autonomy? Pills, vasectomies and other devices do not focus on the male power issues. And the suggestion of female protection with anti-rape underwear again focuses on the female not the male.

Toxic masculinity with its root in patriarchy continues to promote a society in which fosters injustice, misinformation, disinformation, and ignorance. Several professional colleagues I know are experimenting with both short-and-long term chastity with the aid of male chastity devices and they have found the man to be more attentive, compassionate, and focused on supporting their partner while leading to an increase in a sensitized sexual identity and sexual expression. The model is evolving.