Seine River, Paris, France – on a rainy day. Credit: Nathan Frank, Senior Editor / Photographer                                                     

Narrative Paths Journal

Copyright (c) 2011-2024. L J Frank, Publications. All Rights Reserved. Narrative Paths Journal is an international literary digital journal. 

About Us

A summary of the vision, mission and people who offer their insights and expertise.

Art Expressions

The Abstract. Frank’s paintings are on display in business, professional offices, non-profits and private homes.

Flash Fiction

NPJ perspective –  a brief or very short story based on an actual event, or a dream, an idea (real or surreal), a thought or vision and allows for the possibility of an unforeseen twist of events or occurrence. The implication is there’s a much larger story. 

Guest Column

Guest columnists: NPJ as an International Literary Magazine currently has followers from 179 countries. We explore experiences, thoughts, issues, philosophies, and trends on a variety of topics. The columns may include links to online sites, and offer updates to writings, publications, and social media presentations. The length of an article is relative to the subject matter and the audience. We also welcome videos, film, You Tube, podcasts, photographs, art works, cartoon drawings and other formats. The limit of any work is one’s imagination.


Philosophical approaches and offerings to varied artistic, cultural, literary, political, religious, scientific and social matters and based on actual events, subject matter and people. Written by contributors.


Insights and thought-provoking observations of varying lengths, brief to extensive, in areas that are engagingly diverse and in a few cases paradigmatic. Interviews conducted by contributors. 

Jazz & Blues Edge

A review of recordings – classic, straight up, smooth, musically if not historically significant. Perspectives on various artists.

Journal Dispatches

Journal communications – domestic and foreign jottings/notes/insights to readers/subscribers that strive to be informative if not contemplative.


A philosophical voyage – from the absurd, amusing, chimerical, dramatic, droll, erotic, existential, offbeat, provocative, romantic, satirical and whimsical. Musings are written by LJ Frank unless otherwise noted.


A slice of fictional prose – thought provoking, curious, experimental and while exploring the edges. No hard rule as to nature and length…the latter being somewhere between a Short Story and a Novel. Stylistically indeterminate.   

NPJ Book Review

Books from the past to the present reviewed within the inquisitive nature of the journal. Book reviews by publisher and contributors,

Publications (Links)

Preview listing of L J Frank’s and contributor’s published books with links to retail availability.


Searchings, journeys and pursuits of NPJ group, columnists, interviewees and other contributors  – includes books, articles, links to periodical, radio, television, YouTube, theater and film productions, talks, speeches, programs and performances. (Formerly under Announcements)


Quotes are from books and articles by NPJ publisher and Contributors.


Varied, contrasting and unusual shapes of experiences and thoughts in the form of non-traditional approaches, e.g., free verse and abstract prose. 

Short Story

A short story for NPJ purposes is either non-fiction or fiction. Explores the atmosphere created by events and relationships – comedic or dramatic – existential, exotic, random, tragic, expressionistic, impressionist, surreal or erotic. 



Includes: Visitors by country, region and union and the irregular Publisher’s Log.     

Privacy Policy (2024)

Our Privacy Policy is reviewed on a regular basis and updated. Disclaimer: All opinions of an Interviewee, Guest Columnist and other contributor represents their views and not necessarily those of Narrative Paths Journal.

Submissions Policy 

For literary, photographic and artistic works. 

Disclaimer: All opinions of an Interviewee, Guest Columnist and other contributor expressed in Narrative Paths Journal are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the view of Narrative Paths Journal.