Flash Fiction: It’s 5:15 pm ~ Keep Driving

Source. Pexels. Pixabay.

by LJ Frank

Have you noticed anything different?

What do mean?

Look around us. The interstate we’re driving on.

I don’t see anything special. It’s our usual route.

Look in front of us as far as you can see. 


Now turn your head. Look through the rear window. Then peer into your side view mirror.

I don’t see anything.

Exactly. No cars, trucks, motorcycles, any sort of vehicle. Nothing.


What time do you have?

It’s 5:15 p.m.

I noticed the next ramp is closed?


In fact, all the exit ramps we passed are closed.

Should we get paranoid?


What’s your gauges read?

I noticed they stopped working when we entered on to the interstate.  But I filled the tank up last night and recharged the battery.

What’s that in the distance…Is it changing shape as we look at it?

What the? A mirage? Now it’s vanished.

Keep driving.