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‘Internet of Bodies’ Will Take Intimacy Beyond the Physical World

Ghislaine Boddington on enhancing love and passion with human-machine interfaces.

Every day, we send and receive a wealth of digital information through our bodies. We obsessively touch our phone screens and are rewarded with a constant stream of data, audio, and video content. Facial expressions and fingerprints serve to identify us; fitness bands track our movements, our heart rate, and how many hours of sleep we had last night.
But take that a step further and imagine having tiny implants which connect your internal responses, not only to machines, but plug in directly to the sensations of other people. It would, quite literally, take the concept of intimacy to a whole new level, creating a so-called “Internet of Bodies”—an evocative phrase coined by body technologist Ghislaine Boddington several years ago.

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