Invasive Species

Flash Fiction by LJ Frank


Did you see those photos?

In the email? The Judge’s wife. But how?

Ever since her divorce she looked for ways to uncover incriminating evidence.

And we invited her for a getaway? 

Yeah, she told me today she was testing her new camera.

I thought it was a camera free excursion.

I told her that…She suggested that was an impossibility.  

Good grief.

So, besides the ubiquitous two-way cameras in our computers, televisions, cars, courtrooms, churches, government buildings, corporate facilities and so forth…

My sailboat has no cameras.

Well…there was a bit of a twist.

What do you mean?

She told me she automatically wears a camera with her every place she goes. She places it in a cavity to get a picture of all the action.

Cavity? What? Which cavity?

Well…it’s no longer an eye tooth but a camera tooth.  It’s a sheath that slips over a tooth…recall how her mouth seemed to be constantly open?

On my god…

And that’s not all. She said the technology exists for camera sheaths…for ”other body parts”.

I guess we should have known something was up when we saw her in that tin foil bikini.

That wasn’t tin foil…it was…

Don’t tell me.

She does have a few photos of…you know…

You’ve got to be joking. Am I thinking what you’re thinking?

One must be careful of what one…well you know…

This is so odd.

Well, there’s something else…

What could that be?

You know the last time you reached to adjust your…well you know.



Who does she think she is?

Well, there’s another twist. Do you know her profession?

What is it?

Think for a minute what she said and did while sipping our expensive wine. She was opening and closing her mouth like the clicking of a camera…?

Wait, she was taking a picture of our wine?

Not exactly. From what I understand she’s a “neuro-nanologist” and…

What…what is a neuro-nanologist?

I understand it to be it’s someone who looks for the infinitesimally small things in life and the resulting psychological implications.

That sounds like gobbledygook and what does that have to do with…?

I don’t know. But I guess we should be careful not to…well whatever we did and expose…well not to do it again…you know…at least in front of others

Jesus…what did we do? Perhaps we should go sailing by ourselves next time. Then all we have to worry about are drones and satellites.