Journal Dispatches:  December 20, 2021. Revolt & Reformation?

Martin Luther on trial at The Diet of Worms (April. 18, 1521) by Anton von Werner (Metaphor: The past meets the future through a reformer)

There is no “theses” being nailed to a church door today as on October 31, 1517. If there are nails, they are digital. The active “theses” are emerging  modern technologies. The downstream effect foreshadows good and evil between Man and Machine, between Revolt and Reformation and the will to exist.

Are we experiencing the last Reformation of humankind? Ancient humans experienced the reforming and reshaping of thought – the invention of the wheel, languages and formats of communication and the word “God” being the most profound, among others in the primitive landscape that punctuated their lives; and of course the Reformers of five-hundred years ago where the past collided with the future.

And our thinking today is being reshaped at this moment.

The oft quoted statistic in news around the world in most countries are two words – Net Worth. The Gospel of Wealth remains alive and well and is also a ruse. There is no theological basis for it. “God” is not selective. Men and women are selective in action and memory. Money doesn’t ennoble the rich man or woman, nor does it corrupt the impoverished person. That said – “no bailouts” sayeth the rich, is a Faustian scenario where money has the final competitive voice. Wealth and greed are intimate family members. The myth that commandments were carved on primitive stone tablets from a divine finger extending from a Burning Bush is an elaborate metaphor or allegory designed by men seeking control of others whether the reason be for good or ill.  Rules were made and codified. But one must have a care…it’s easier to point a finger at the other to atone for our own guilt, even when we know the truth.

Correspondence from Karl in Eastern Ukraine is cryptic: The Russians call it инстинкт смерти or death instinct. It is also known as Thanatos in Greek mythology. The personification of death. People are filled with passion that is both a life and death instinct (Freud). A majority in Eastern Ukraine speak Russian. And fear is perhaps the Queen on the chessboard.

Correspondence from Ursula (home base Germany) was also Delphic in her observation: What if when you rise up in the morning, the world around you, though looking familiar, is no longer familiar. Es ist ein Schleier. It is a veil. It is a struggle…Zwischen dem Heiligen und dem Profanen…between the sacred and profane. Trust your heart and stay alert.

Mental clarity in an age of convulsive ambiguity is like walking blindfold down kilometers of a stony, uneven road.

Double speak can be heard on all continents. And nothing is too insignificant for the politician in which to engage. Wherever one looks there’s a sense of rawness of emotions to the impoverished man, woman, and child’s hour-to hour existence. 

A common concern one hears from different global voices: To breathe fresh air, drink clean water, one good meal a day, to have a home and a livable income are luxuries.  And, to find out and read in-depth news on the Internet, if you have access to a computer in whatever hardware form, why does one have to pay to subscribe? Shouldn’t all knowledge be free?

Revolts in the form of revolutions and wars of the 20th century continue to collide with the emerging Reformation of the 21st century as thought and how we think about our existence is being reshaped and reformed.