Journal Dispatches:  February 21, 2022. Discord & Conscience

Source. Pexels. Wallace Chuck, Photographer



What are the links between cognitive discord or impairment and conscience? Does the slaying of one’s soul precede the killing of another’s soul?  Why does a person wish to control another people without their consent? Is/was their soul already dead at birth as result of a heart and or brain injury or affected by the wish to be accepted by another person? What lies at the heart of – to disinform, if not for the lack of an internal ethic?  Is authoritarianism one of the multifarious shapes of evil? Is there a missing structural link in the brain between conscience and the compassionless act?

Karl (freelance journalist) from Ukraine…set to leave Kiev (Kyiv) and heading to Ivano-Frankivsk oblast. “I’m nervous. You asked about genocide. The present rumbling of genocide is mostly from Russia. I have not directly witnessed. History says we experienced them like many countries. Ours was in the 1930s and 1940s. Prejudice is something people are fed every day. We are bombarded with propaganda. Fear and mistrust are a lonely mistress.  No one knows the long-term results of their actions after they themselves have died. The violent mind is not colorless.  People in power play games…enamored with control of others…making the world safe for their money.”


A few weeks ago, I was invited to Melbourne, Australia. It’s the most European of Australian cities in restaurants, the arts and transportation…always looking at options and opportunities…never pass up a consulting interview. The only issues they have are the same around the world…political mischief….and the usual human and inhumane crimes. It’s all balanced with the spirit of the people and the weather can change …wait a few hours has a familiar ring to it. What will the world look like in the Spring? Conscience was part of the conversation.


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