Journal Dispatches:  January 15, 2022. Edge of Cynicism

Source. Pexels - Pixabay

“Nowadays people know the price of everything but the value of nothing.”  Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray, ch.4, (1891)


Ursula from Germany:  Something is wrong, very wrong. The bloodshed in the media is what you see from a camera angle…the emotional is a deeper cut. The differences in poverty and wealth are expanding wherever I find myself – Yemen, Ivory Coast, Turkey, Nigeria, or Congo or Europe and the United States. Arms deals proliferate. It’s weekly if not daily. It’s a fractured cutthroat business on a local and international stage. Who is the supplier of any given deal? I overheard a man in a shop say to another, “I’m waiting for Jesus of Nazareth to be called to the witness stand.”  What did he mean? The cynic is alive in our heads.

Zhang from China: Being quiet within oneself is not the same as meditating. I am quiet. Alert. What shall I write? How honest am I with a threat at the door. The first person’s life I must value is my own.  I acknowledge, listen, type, reconsider and edit. I’m compassionate. We must encourage each other to be humane.

Karl from Ukraine. In English you could say the drumbeat of war can be heard and it is now an echo across the land. I know fear. Fear is a political tool and tactic. Your friend may be your enemy and he may not know he is the enemy, until he reveals his allegiance of which he doesn’t even know, until a shot is fired. War brings chaos and anguish to the human soul. What is the real cost? These are moments of great uncertainty as if something unknown is crawling inside my skin. I try to shake the feeling off. I must hope and stay awake.