Journal Dispatches: June 23, 2021. Politics & Fear

Source: Pexels. Andres Ayrton, Photographer

jottings amid travels.

Civility? How people treat each other is rooted in their experience in the context of family, friends, work, play, learning and personal beliefs. Public and individual angst is real. Stress is pervasive…some of it purposefully instilled.

The politics of a country and the stories it tells itself affect civility and what is true and false and what to believe and not believe, whether based on facts or not. Belief supersedes facts for any number of people living in fear. Fear is a useful tool by those who possess power and wealth.

In the current moment the former Republican Party through the banner of States’ rights has hustled a state legislative tactic to side step certain amendments to the Constitution, namely, the FifteenthNineteenth, and Twenty-sixth amendments. The 1960’s is an example. The purpose had been and is to disenfranchise. It’s called voter suppression. Physical disability takes on new meaning. People are booted out of the process through no fault of their own. Add color and ethnicity to the mix and you can see where things are headed. 

Of course, there were no Founding Mothers, only Founding Fathers – people had to be property owners beginning in the late 18th century to vote. But this is 2021 with the above-mentioned amendments. And people like Jefferson, Paine, Adams, Franklin, Madison and others  understood – that tyranny and tyrants could dismantle and replace the Republic when government was viewed as the problem.  Politics effectuates a lust for power. The Privileged understand the motivation of paranoia.

It’s 2021 and voter suppression is again plotted for the sake of privilege and out of fear of losing control of power and the money that follows that power.

“Money wants no followers.” George Herbert. Jacula Prudentum No. 1173. (1650) 

People can survive in the darkness. The length of time depends on the person and people. But darkness hides truths. The darkness becomes a form of dementia – affected by physical place, the perception and social mobility that subsequently influences the intellectual and emotional map of the mind.  

Awareness is a complicated and intimate process – sight, insight, and imagination are building blocks. How do you adequately and competently interpret and translate your experience of the world around you without basic knowledge, evidence and what your mind is fed every day? If it’s not true what are the options? 

When I was young my neighbor didn’t have a television or a telephone. He fancied himself as a modern-day Luddite. He even had a carrier pigeon. I assumed it was a hobby. He shut himself off from the world. Except the world kept spinning and he remained in a technological dark but he didn’t think so. Today we are witness to an incorporated America where the wealthy share their wealth with each other and competition is for the masses, pitting the people against each other. 

The Republic is experiencing a political pandemic and the patient called the Republic and its version of democracy is in the emergency room waiting for more than a transfusion for survival.  It’s in need of fresh reasons to exist, for wealth and power debilitates the person and civil society when not shared.