Journal Dispatches: March 29, 2022. Anchoring in a Sea of Ambiguity & a Pescatarian Recipe

 Anchored for a spell away from the fatigue of parceling out the images of conflict and enigma on dry land…in a relatively remote harbor …remote also exists within the mind…writing for hours, editing for days my “metaphoric memoir”…practicing a yoga posture or two, and conversing with sea gulls …a bit of reflecting, while attending to the modest shaping of NPJ in style and content. And as our readers know, NPJ is a progressive international literary magazine and currently we have no Comment or Letters to the Editor sections…we do offer readers an opportunity to become a Contributor, Guest Column, and so forth.

We appreciate all our followers from 175 countries (out of the current 195) who have taken the time to see what we are exploring. And a personal note of gratitude to all our Contributors. Thank you.

Pescatarian leanings, I keep things simple…one of my favorite recipes:

Preheat stainless steel pan and sprinkle a reasonable amount of olive oil on it – a lightly peppered wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon (skinned & deboned), laid on sliced fresh lemons

Asparagus (butter/olive oil) in second small skillet

 Add a small handful of raw washed baby spinach on side plate with a piece of fresh fruit

 A slice of French bread dipped in olive oil

A glass of red wine, e.g., a fine pinot noir or burgundy will do