Journal Dispatches: May 17, 2021. Writing for its own sake

Charleston Harbor, SC.: Boat sitting…it’s an avocation…for a friend of a friend. Floating yet tethered to a dock – feels real and yet surreal – here for a night or two – reworking semi-autobiographical fictionalized memoir and listening to the waves lap up against the boat’s hull and the seagulls shouting to each other overhead. Keogh! Keogh!

Imagination and rationalization are essential to me…where I exist in the hour encircles my waking minutes.  

So…I write.

Henry Miller wrote in his Tropic of Capricorn that, to save himself he had to write.  “I had to learn, that one must give up everything and not do anything else but write, that one must write and write and write, even if everybody in the world advises you against it.”

As I sat at the small table in the boat’s cabin I listened to the waves and sea gulls and something splashing in the water…and jotted down thoughts

This side of midnight. Quiet. My ears strain to hear the sound of a distant thunder over the Atlantic. Seeing, hearing, touching and remembering humanizes me. I am not isolated except in my mind unless imprisoned in some physical and emotional way. Physical isolation for me is a threat to my humanity and my sense of being-ness.

The far side of midnight. I take pleasure in pleasure itself. There are people singing and partying on another boat. “The boat culture.”  I smile and get up, retrieve some wine, take a sip and write down a thought that leads to another thought. A page later I notice the singing has stopped. All is quiet, save a few distant flashes of lightning and the lights from other boats in the harbor.

So…I write…and write and write for my own bliss and clarity of mind….and to channel any negative energy and then I write more even when I have nothing to say…

Connections: I’ve have been receiving and sending emails to people around the world…instability and upheaval are normal, business planned or unplanned happens, purposeful or accidental good and bad fortune occurs and more….what is normal? A substratum of questions, information, disinformation, actual and alternative facts and skepticism are pervasive. Positive and negative overlap.

Meanwhile, NPJ continues to explore, connect, listen and have a conversation.