Journal Dispatches: November 20, 2021.  Journalist Jottings

Source. Pexels. Brett Sayles, Photographer


Ursula: Germany – After my watch broke, I understood time better. Now I look at my phone. I adapt, and careful of what I breathe in…especially the pervasive toxic political fumes. Political polarization leads to social polarization. I see shrewdly naïve faces in the streets. No one is left untouched. The number of people searching for a place to live and survive is growing. There are many questions about immigrants, the politics of the pandemic and anti-vaxxers and as climate issues are being faced, we will see more cultural maneuvering. Conservatism is perhaps an obsolete term considering what I see in different places. My passport is updated, I will be traveling and observing.

Karl: Ukraine – Who is a reliable source has been my concern.  I check, recheck, collaborate, review, edit and make corrections.  Research never really ends…it sometimes leads down passages filled with streaks of blood on the walls. I find ways to incentivize myself. When disinformation is purposeful everyone suffers. A poorly informed people are easily compromised. Border issues are problematic – what belongs to whom? Belief can be more provocative than objectivity?

Zang: China – Careful about what I report…whether a flood or a disease or a corporate theft or government propaganda. There is much to consider and enjoy in places like Shanghai…and yet much uncertainty even in places where a person can be casual. My job is to ask questions. I hate fear. Life does not mean security. My father told me “You are a business unit” and to remember that for survival.  I survive…yet at times I tire. What does humane mean? I will stay positive. 


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