Journal Dispatches: October 25, 2021. The Muse of Anticipation

Blue Painting. Vasily Kandinsky, Artist. Guggenheim Museum


New York City. It’s been years. The visit was brief. I was leaving the Guggenheim Museum on Fifth Avenue when I bumped into a former colleague who was working at Columbia University. Besides making ends meet teaching part time, consulting, and other social intrigues she dabbles in collecting esoterica. This scientist for fun reads tarot cards as an avocation. She asked me if I wanted to have a reading. I already had a few decades ago. She said she could give me an update and always carried a deck of cards with her. 

Minutes later we sat outside a coffee shop at a small table sipping some coffee with a shot of chocolate and catching up on each other’s lives. She then took out the cards and began her reading. With each card she intimated to me that it appears I would encounter a puzzle in an unusual form and will need to put it together- the right pieces in the right places. And once completed the puzzle may lead to a more profound revelation.  Of course, no specifics. She simply said, “your new Muse is this” and then she showed me a card. We laughed, chatted about other things and then after an hour wished each other the best and parted company.

While walking I began thinking about the memoir I had drafted and that was being reviewed for editing purposes. And that’s the key I thought.  Forget rationalizations. It’s editing. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t indulge in some form of editing of my life. 

I thought of the Tarot card. Muse of anticipation is the act of editing and adapting, whether emotional and or physical. Seemed simple enough.  I received an email later in the day. Edit and adapt I murmured to myself.