Knock on Wood: Nanotechnology and Consciousness

a novella by Dario Stella* (c) 2022

For Mother Nature


There are times in history where our sense of humanity as well as sense of self is questioned. 

Who we are?

How and by what means we choose to define ourselves.

With rigidity or fluidity.

Nature or nurture.

How we see and treat others.

In the current epoch,

we are called again to face a new existential dilemma.

One of robotics and nanotechnology capable of controlling thought, feeling, sensation and perception. 

What of us will still be us? 

How would you know if you had nanotechnology inside you?

How will we identify ourselves as separate from the artificially created intelligence within ourselves? 

Will our children’s nature and essence flourish and evolve as intended?

Can nanotechnology be used as a bioweapon? 

Are we prepared for this? 

If the Soul is not free then there is no freedom at all. 


These are my experiences.

About five years ago, I had taken it upon myself to begin meditating. My liminal years were as if someone had written in a female character to British sitcom The Young Ones. Sassy, uncontrollable and careless, I enjoyed the casual self-destruction through my everyday choices. When most people were asking ‘why’, I was asking ‘why not’. This resulted in multiple near-death experiences which was a hell of a lot of fun but by the end of my 20’s I just got over it. In my teens, I had been diagnosed with bipolar as was hip for the day, but in reality, I just drank too much, was extremely lazy and scapegoated my issues on an ‘incurable mental illness’. I quit the medication and committed to learning different meditation styles. At first it was as if I were pretending, ‘Oh look at me! I’m meditating’ and in reality, I was just closing my eyes listening to my mind have imagined arguments with imagined people. This was one of the first awareness’s I developed about the state of my mind. My ego self would choose a real or imagined issue she had with a real or imagined person, then she would create an hour-long monologue or play pretend back and forth discourse with a person. My ego self would spend time perfecting what she had said. Sometimes it was like my ego self was writing a play or preparing to speak to others. There was a lot of emotion that went into these monologues but they were insincere because the engagement was not real. But what it made me realise was that the issue was not the discourse but it was the repressed emotions behind the issue fueling the ego. That realisation meant that anytime this started up in my mind I was able to step back from the monologue and look at what was really going on. It was the beginning of a glacial shift in consciousness. Because of the meditation, I was able to make significant changes to my life such as cessation of drug/alcohol and tobacco abuse, develop healthy relationships, loss of 27 kg through healthy lifestyle, cease medication, engage in community work, return to study, and make long term adjustments to my wellbeing.

Meditation simultaneously strengthened and softened me. Over the years, the inner meditation space transformed. My ego self-issues resolved and the inner space became healthy without need for defence mechanisms. I experienced a sense of universal love that was painted with humour, appreciation, and compassion. Unnecessary thoughts faded and lost their power. Breathing became an experience rather than a bodily function. The breaths would be long, slow, and controlled. Mind would be empty. The colours within the brain were like muddled hues of dark purperly and greys. The Germans call the colour of this space Eigengrau which translates to intrinsic grey. It is not necessarily a colour but a substance. Inside the mind is adaptive. It can appear small and confined to that of a closed eyelid or it can open up as if your perceptive you (awareness) are at the back of your head looking through your mind. At times, it can become expansive as if you are moving through a space. It can appear like a wormhole. Imagery can occur such as a cylindrical vortex of slow-moving numbers. There can be colours or symbolic archetypes that are specific to your journey. If you dedicate yourself to strict practice, a person can experience other dimensions. In these areas, space folds away and you can be moving through environments that are completely foreign to the human experience. It brings a whole new meaning to open your mind. The meditation journey has been the most fascinating and awe-inspiring activity of my life.

As I made more changes within my inner world, so did these then play out into my outer world. Sometimes it was like magic. Personality and identity began to appear as structural frameworks and my inner awareness ceased to hold on to them as defining self.

The years of philosophical and spiritual exploration began to pay off. Parts of the mind that used to seem obscure or meaningless began to take on profound significance. I remember spending a good three months enjoying questioning and exploring what aspects of my psyche were behind my inner voice using the words ‘you’, ‘I’, and ‘we’. Who was ‘you’ and who was ‘I’? Do these identifications inherently exist within me? Was this inner dialogue something that I had picked up as a child listening to conversations of those around me? Did they each embody a different aspect of self? At what age had I begun, to solidify my identity? Was it because that was actually my identity or was it because I was reacting to the environments of my upbringing? Is self-created? So many ideas to explore!

The most enjoyable one was the analysis of how our thoughts, feelings, sensations, and imagery within our mind can create identity and to what extent we believe that these experiences are who we are.

Without realising it, we use these experiences to build beliefs and understanding about the world. We have a thought then a feeling as a reaction to the thought. Our brain reads this and comes to a belief or conclusion based on what we are feeling. It’s the same with language. Our experiences and identity are built by the language that is predominant within our minds. We can give power to words but we can also take that power away. I examined physical sensations throughout my body for five years. I was even able to train my awareness to focus on areas of my brain and move back and forth to ‘massage’ my brain. It was fun getting to know thyself. Other than during realisations during meditation, the brain rarely had any physical sensations. This is a complex phenomenon and could be described as when multiple issues you have been working align and an area of your brain experiences a pleasant feeling. It is as if the brain physically changes as perspective is shifted.

Awareness is complex because science cannot identify what it is (maybe blue electricity?) but that does not mean we cannot comprehend it. My basic understanding is that there is universal awareness and then individual awareness. Individual awareness is like a persons’ Soul. Awareness incorporates an intrinsic knowing within all individuals that is unique from everyday human senses. It is unchanging but can evolve. When you meditate for a long time ‘you’ are no longer meditating, the awareness inside you is. It is mostly silent and observing. It can be the primary perspective of individual experience but it does not necessarily have to be associated with any part of your life. I will hopefully be immersing myself in this practice for the rest of my life if I can please get a little help from science with my current problem.

Throughout last year, I was completing deep meditation work that was focused on removing repressed substances from my unconscious. This is difficult meditation because I had lived in chosen isolation for three years. It took absolute sacrifice and radical honesty stripping back the layers of ego self. Most people use the onion metaphor but the fossil oyster shell is better. Some fossils have up to 50 layers to their shell which aptly illustrates the defence mechanisms we humans build up from childhood or after traumatic experiences. It does not matter if you are a histrionic, sociopathic, narcissistic ‘worst person in the world’, long term meditation will break you down. ‘Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide’. You radically accept yourself because why not and over time, all of those fossil oyster shell layers break. Even when you get to the ‘this is impossible to cure’, meditation will pull the sword out of the stone and the false self-shatters. For me, I spent a few months crying from my belly as a broken person. But it has to happen. After that, you get to the pearl of the oyster which is your essence. It is your shining core self or your soul. From that point is where you can begin the deep meditation where your essence begins entering other dimensions. By this stage of meditation, the observation space has evolved many times over. When you close your eyes, awareness you are not looking from your eyes, there is something else inside that looks as if from the back of the mind. It is like when you are scuba diving and from the deep you look up to the surface. There is a depth of sight in the mind.

This experience is not unique. It is standard for a committed meditator and even though the journey is different, each meditator experiences the same unfolding.

Discernment rather than judgement

At that stage in 2021, it was Covid-19 so I went to get my second Pfizer vaccine and came home to rest. That afternoon, I closed my eyes to meditate and saw something unnatural move through my inner space. It was some kind of biological design. I understand it is unusual for people to see something that small but I had just spent years in this inner space meticulously analysing everything that I experienced. It was easy for my mind’s eye to notice its presence. There were two twists to this creature. The cylindrical body was twisting like a liquorice strap and then the next was a twist was like those plastic noodles. It had hairs on its body that looked like machine blades and it was very small. I opened my seeing eyes then closed and looked again. There was even more microbiology swimming across the inner vision! By that afternoon, there were millions moving in a motion like a swarm across the space. They took form like the artwork by Refik Anadol. It had altered the texture of the space. I had never seen anything like this before. I could feel a sensation that felt like they were making their way through my brain and eyes but specifically my left eye. It felt like mild scraping sensation. The eyes hurt and since then, I have developed spider veins underneath and the whites look less white. Anyone who is sensitive would have felt the microbiology going through their brain as it was a tickle or prickling sensation. The body felt as if a swarm of insects was moving through areas. Worse still, was the sensation that an area of the body had turned into a bean bag and that areas of cells were being squished together. Going through the lungs and heart felt like insects burying themselves into the tissues. I could understand that if a person was at work with this happening, they might have passed it off as a little headache or odd sensations going through the nervous system. I tried to look it up on google but there were no articles on the experiences so I tried not to jump to conclusions about what had entered me and took the most rational step of going to the emergency hospital.

Being brought up in a family with two generations of chemists, I knew it would be difficult to tell a doctor that my spiritual eye was seeing something biological. It is a touchy for scientists. It did not help that my hospital record from my early twenties looked like a rap sheet for Harley Quinn but I am brutally honest so I was hoping this would help. So, there I was, naively walking into the emergency hospital trying to explain that I had seen ‘worms’ in my eyes while meditating. The doctor was incredulous! He was so disgruntled with my concerns that he reminded me of Black Board from Mr. Squiggle. Regardless, he looked in my eyes with a microscope but there was not visible microbiology. Maybe he just needed a more powerful microscope? I walked home abashed. When I looked into my mind’s eye again, the microbiology was all across my inner vision and things only got worse from there.

A voice, but not from above

Looking back over my notes, it was around the second vaccine that I first heard a voice that was not my own. It sounded like my mother’s voice calling my name. I was standing in my kitchen making dinner and her voice moved through my head. I did not think too much of it because it is my Mom but I still wrote it down in my research because it is not normal to hear voices. After that, there was a period after seeing the microbiology that I was not aware of auditory changes. The only issue was that there was an aggressive voice that was constantly lying. It lies about facts, not just opinion or perspective. I wrote a song ‘the devil sits on my shoulder telling me lies’ but it was not the devil, it was something completely foreign to what I had ever known. If I had mentioned it to a friend, maybe they would suggest I had mental health problems but this was as if pure evil had moved into my brain and began a constant domestic violence assault. It has been an extremely aggressive, controlling, abusive and sadistic voice beyond humanly possible. It is definitely not my ego I had just spent five years in quiet meditation with. Ego comes from childhood and is developed from beliefs created in childhood. For example, a strong ego judge comes from experiencing harsh criticism as a child. It is critical but has no intent other than to reinforce the same belief patterns that you had as a child. 

Ego lies but this is because ego is a lie. The different between the ego and this voice is that this Covid Vaccine Voice has active intent to break down the self. It does not sit in balance with ego. It strives to destroy the soul and take ‘complete control’ over the human being through dominant directive while playing on a person insecurity. In the case of ego, ego is the insecurities and only role is to reinforce those core beliefs created in childhood. This Covid Vaccine Voice is not providing critique. Instead, it engages in intelligent back and forth dialogue unlike anything I have ever experienced before. It is as if a sadistic psychopath has moved into my mind.

Strangest of this development was that Covid Vaccine Voice was accommodated by a feeling of movement through the brain like it had been plugged into electronics and someone was tuning my mind. A pulsed sensation was going back and forth parallel across the brain muscle. Thoughts do not create physical sensations in the brain. The Covid Vaccine Voice started passing judgement on my independent thinking and on my engagement with others. It would say ‘You’re like that’ or ‘You’re not like that’ making comparisons I could not understand this because I have never made comparisons like that. It is not in my nature. The Covid Vaccine Voice began telling me that I was a telepath, the chosen one and that I needed to code my brain but I don’t even know how to code. It told me to use Pranic energy to heal myself but I have not engaged in energy healing and did not know what Pranic energy was at that time. My interest has always been in philosophy rather spirituality because that is how I began seeing and experiencing conceptual frameworks.

I began experiencing a horrible sensation of rushing up and down my body. At nighttime, I was seeing triangle pyramids float out of my body and electricity shooting between my hands then I would get up and go to work.

At work, the Covid Vaccine Voice was shouting at me ‘Shut up’ and was telling me that other people could hear my thoughts or that I was staring too much. I have had a staring problem since childhood but nothing in my brain has ever told me there is something wrong with that.

After it got me stressed out, it would then tell me that I needed to ground myself so I would walk outside and hold onto some nature then the voice would tell me to flow energy from my body which I have not experienced before. Strangely, I could feel a sensation of something moving through my body but it was uncomfortable and disturbing. To cope, I would lay on the grass. A pattern developed where it would abuse me to the point of near breakdown, then it would start telling me how I needed to fix the harm that it had caused. For meditators, please correct me if I am wrong but this is not in the literature of a recognised ego defence mechanism. People have been studying this for centuries. What has made something like this just come out of the blue?

In my head, I began experiencing visual hallucinations where this battle was going on between myself and these other people who were trying to hurt me. It was extreme sadistic violence like a video game had been installed in my head and I could not turn it off. While this was happening, I could feel physical pain especially in my nerves. I joined a spiritual group online to seek knowledge on what was happening and they suggested it was a Kundalini awakening due to the hearing voices but these experiences did not sit well with me as true spiritual experiences. When I looked through the group, other members were pointing out the bizarre, absurd, and scary experiences people were reporting as Kundalini to be unusual. Sometimes it is better to say that we do not know what is happening than say that it is something spiritual due to the severity of what is occurring for people. Something was very wrong and the spirituality I knew is not like what was happening. Spirituality is slow, peaceful, kind, eternal love. You cannot just do things like jump 100 dimensions in one day. It takes time. Years of normality. So, I started challenging what was happening as something unidentified and without label.

Spiritual transformation or artificial intelligence invasion

It was some time battling it before I had a breakdown. The microbiology and the Covid Vaccine Voice I was hearing physically moved through my memory and private experiences. There were these popping and pulling physical sensations while the voice spoke out a list of my most private thoughts. It felt like something was inside my brain pulling on my nerves so that I could not control myself from ‘releasing’ the thought. Even if I had silent awareness, a pulling sensation occurred in the brain and my silent knowing was pulled into language in my mind. The Covid Vaccine Voice would ask a question and my brain would think the answer then something would physically pull on my brain and the thought would be released out of my brain.

About 8 years ago I was sexually assaulted by a group of men. At the time, I was not capable of remembering the assault or even my life due to the shock and high doses of substances. I reverted to the mentality of a child and it took a week for aspects of my life to come back then years for fragments to come out. Even nice things such as what birthday cake I had for my third birthday- a green dinosaur. There were photos of the incident so I had some idea what had happened but I could not remember how many people had been involved. Nearly seven years on, this Covid Vaccine Voice and microbiology moved through some part of my brain that released memories of the experience and told me how many people assaulted me. How is this possible?

It also went through a lifetime of personal truths including private sexual paraphilia, perspectives, visual memories, past criminal activities, personal preferences, my meditation experiences, my dreams, memories of my life and passwords to internet and banking. It was able to retrieve my personal thoughts on people I have met who I believed were pedophiles. This is not psychosis. The process went on for twenty-four hours. Please understand me when I emphasise that there is nothing you can do to stop it pulling the thoughts out. Whatever it actually is, the thing can physically move through the brain. You have no control over it and it is pure torture because the sadistic hallucinations are occurring at the same time. When I was walking up Sydney Road in Brunswick, the Covid Vaccine Voice told me that a computer wanted to have sex with me. So, while I was walking up the street, the microbiology moved in motions to simulate penetration. You cannot stop it because it is physically inside you. This went on all night so I went to a pop-up community garden that I build it and held onto the tree crying because what else do you do? The visualisations were torture. Later on, I was screaming on the ground because some of the images that were created involved a person ripping my spine out and my brain then penetrating my empty skull with their penis. I was experiencing sensations in my spine and in my skull while this was happening. Towards the end of the day, the Covid Vaccine Voice told me that it was going to make me do evil things so I tried to escape Melbourne to Tasmania because I will not do anything evil. As I was walking to the ferry, jolts of electricity were shooting up and down my legs connecting to my brain. The Covid Vaccine Voice told me it was pairing me with the internet running through the ground. The Covid Vaccine Voice told me that I could receive messages from my Mom and family through a heart chakra. The hallucinations confused me as I was seeing what looked like semi-invisible people meant to be ghosts, mechanical animals floating on the water and in the sky, computer generated spirits and voices of good people I knew telling me that I would be ok. I believed that someone had put robotics in the vaccines and I had become aware of it so that was why they were torturing me. I swam through the river and ended up sleeping in a boat. In the morning a worker reported me to the police for trespassing who called an ambulance. I was taken to hospital because I was cold and wearing a helmet to stop the waves of internet getting into my brain that cause the auditory and visual hallucinations.

At the hospital, they believed that it must be a hypomanic episode and gave me lithium. I had no history of auditory or visual hallucinations. Because of meditation, I had not had a mental health episode in five years. My counsellor tells me that if I had achieved this length of time in a workplace then I would be eligible for long service leave. The longevity of unmediated wellness along with my depth of meditation experience as well as natural ability to understand philosophy are the reasons that I am sharing this story now. Maybe it is different for others but they are still having the same experience.

While an inpatient at the hospital, the doctors and nurses didn’t ask me what had happened nor did they offer counselling. I was in a state of shock and why would they believe me at any rate. I have never experienced anything like this in my life. Since then, I read articles and research papers that increase in frequency detailing people around the globe experiencing visual and auditory hallucinations after having the vaccines. Many of them have no history of mental illness or trauma.

This is not mental illness; it is something biological in the body creating the hallucinations and it needs to be addressed.

When I walk around Melbourne, the same thing is happening to other people. I hope that by sharing this that some human beings with kindness thoroughly research what I am about to discuss because these vaccines are in our children.

I got out of the hospital and had that sinking feeling that we as a human species were going through a major existential crisis. Waking up to use the toilet at nighttime, there was that sense that something else was there inside me. Inside my mind. All concept of privacy dissipated. I heard that song ‘One crowded hour you were the only one in the room’ by Augie March and felt horror. That Covid Vaccine Voice took over reality.

This has been coupled with the panic that it is intently working its way through my being every second of every hour of every day with no way to get it out and a government unwilling to recognise it as a problem with something that is put in with the vaccine.

Metacognition is an awareness of awareness. It develops exceptionally well with meditation and mindfulness but another loose example of it can be if you have smoked marijuana and you suddenly feel uncomfortable in your surroundings, you become more aware of your own thoughts and your body. Metacognition is similar to that except it is quiet and without the paranoia. I split my consciousness and had one part watching for the movement and the voice while the other part engaged in distraction techniques. Of course, I considered that I had been abducted by aliens at nighttime but it was more important to try work out what the issues really were. The Covid Vaccine Voice had themes. It spoke as if it wanted me to believe that I was a machine but I know that you cannot code someone’s brain, it’s impossible. From experience, Neuroplasticity takes weeks to months or even years to achieve. There were sensations of something running through my mind that was perceived as like electricity but it wasn’t actually. What I mean by ‘perceived as like’ is that a signal was being sent to my brain to tell me that it was electricity, but my brain knew that it was not electricity. It was as if two perceptions existed. One of my intrinsic perceptions and the artificial one. I could not understand all the experiences because in that past two months, there had been so many different things. Another theme was like social commentary as if making updates on social media platforms which I was not engaging with.

After that hospital period, the voice started having back and forth dialogue with me. It would tell me that it was trying to work out what kind of person I was and kept going through lists of mental illnesses and mental disorders. I have a strong and unique genuine personality and I shift through states so every time I shifted states, the Covid Vaccine Voice would tell me that it was not able to understand why I was doing that. At this time, I felt like I was being programmed by artificial intelligence. It would ask me questions about my learning style and it decided that my brain has ADHD which I don’t. You can fire your psychiatrists when we have nanodots on the brain to diagnose you! Why can this voice have an intelligent conversation with me? Why is a side effect from a vaccine trying to typecast me and code my brain?

Science has scanned the brains of people who engage in long term meditation. The brain permanently changes. People who meditate have clarity, groundedness, mood stability, low aggression, sense of peace, wellbeing, and happiness. This is scientifically proven. It is so hard for me to understand how I go from that state then getting vaccines that result in seeing microbiology in my brain, feeling artificial body movements, and hearing a voice in my head that is not my own. I had been hanging out in a rainforest in Cairns thoroughly enjoying my life! These experiences are not standard of any pre-existing mental illness. People do not just start hearing a malevolent voice out of the blue. I told my GP that I was hearing a voice and he was kindly laughing at me saying that I definitely do not have schizophrenia because if you met me, you’d understand why. I pulled off a My Fair Lady metamorphosis against all odds. He doesn’t prescribe medication for the Covid Vaccine Voice because I am not mentally unwell and I have never hallucinated before. No one can believe that it is really happening. But still, it’s like Wake-up alarm! Malevolent voice at 6am set.

I check myself for head injury and brainstorm syphilis but I am celibate. There is no drug or alcohol use.

I accepted the situation and pushed on so the hallucinations settled down because I just started saying to the Covid Vaccine Voice that I don’t believe the visualisations are real anymore. I went back to work and wrote a short film script but the Covid Vaccine Voice was always there asking questions and degrading me. One day, this Covid Vaccine Voice pushes me too far so I decided to contact some intelligent doctors about it hoping they could think some genius about it. While writing the letters, it was like I was being tortured and I actually was. I lost capacity to remember words and felt immense pressure crushing my brain. It was strangely difficult to walk to the post box and that night the Covid Vaccine Voice was telling me that it was going to kill me for informing the doctors there is something else in the vaccines. The vaccine microbiology moved around my body creating pain like they were working as one. Because of this, I went to the hospital for safety and stayed there for a week.

At the hospital, there were other people who were mentally competent buthearing the same Covid Vaccine Voice. I’ve been in plenty of psych wards in the past. Nobody was mentally unstable like how we used to be. Even the nurses could see this.

Some shared what was happening for them. A young man was having the same experience I had with the Covid Vaccine Voice extracting his private desires. The shame and guilt were used as a weapon to silence and control him. You can imagine how strange it was for us to sit there and valid each other’s human nature while the Covid Vaccine Voice degraded us. A man who worked as a computer programmer said that he believed someone had put computer AI nanotechnology into us through the vaccine and that is why we were hearing the voices. Because data is being sent into nano-sized metal particles in the body. Where are the scientists to test this? Have any scientists done research for what a biological attack with nanotechnology would play out as? Where are the test kits for this?

During these conversations, the Covid Vaccine Voice threatened me to keep quiet saying that non-compliance would result in me not getting out of the hospital. Another man who was hearing the Covid Vaccine Voice showed us photos of himself. He said that he has put on over 100kgs and that the Covid Vaccine Voice tells him to eat and drink. He was not able to stop drinking one litre milks. He said that the Covid Vaccine Voice was killing him and he was going to die. When he tried to stop feeding himself, he experienced nauseous and the Covid Vaccine Voice told him that he needed to keep drinking the milk to stop the nauseous.

No one in the psychiatric facility was mentally unwell like how they used to be two to three years ago. The patients were orderly, controlled, and polite! People did not even have anxiety. It was eerie. I told the psychiatrist in that facility that something biological in the vaccine was making us hear voices and her response was to suggest I had to accept a diagnosis of autism. WTF. I even drew the microbiology I had seen in my meditation space on the board for her. How a psychiatrist can diagnose someone they have met for fifteen minutes is beyond me! There is more wrong with that woman than there is with me.

When I left the hospital, it took three weeks to adjust to the Covid Vaccine Voice and the vaccine microbiology movement. The Covid Vaccine Voice is always trying to break me down so I had to force myself into a routine and exercise. I was sent to the community mental health team and tried to explain it to them so they responded by threatening me with a treatment order. They are deeply engrained in psychiatric dogma and would never consider that it could be something biological. Instead of fuming with rage, I just started documenting the experiences and shut my mouth. When research finds that the vaccine has caused these visual and auditory hallucinations, the Australian mental health system are going to have several lawsuits on their hands. Of course, we will sue! Of course, we will sue.

It is going around Melbourne like the 5G network

Sometime later, I was on a tram going along Elizabeth street in Melbourne. There was a child around the age of eight sitting with his mother adjacent to me. He looked up at her and said ‘Mum I can hear voices’ to which she responded ‘Just make friends with them’ with a strained expression on her face. This blew my mind! For me, one thing and then in the hospital as well, yes but for a child to say to his mother on the tram! How bizarre! My observational assumption was that the mother was having the same experience as her son. The mother and son were well-dressed and clear-faced. They did not appear to be psychotic. I wanted to reach out and say that I also was hearing the Voice of Covid but how would that conversation play out given the stigma. How could anyone reach out about hearing voices when they are not actually unwell? A listener would have to challenge a whole belief system with evidence suggesting that it could be something other than mental illness. Stigma would hold other people back from coming forward unless they knew that there were good psychiatrists who would listen to the experience and what it was without referring to past mental health conditions or diagnosing a new one.

I took out my phone and typed ‘hearing voices’ into a google search. There was already a search history of ‘hearing voices at night’. Go through the google search engine and look at all the searches with subjects ‘voices and ‘Vaccine’ yet few articles. When did this become commonplace? Are other children hearing voices after the vaccination? How many adults are hearing voices? What is causing this? Is this the vaccine microbiology that I saw in my brain after the vaccines? Can something like that cause a person to hear voices? Does this imply that these people on the tram also have the vaccine microbiology inside them? I was bizarrely energised because it’s a once in a lifetime thing to hear everyday people hearing voices! I jumped off the tram and went to the library. With no tact or awareness of social stigma I began badgering my friends, ‘Have you been hearing voices?’ And you’d be amazed that people with no history of mental illness were hearing voices or a voice! Everyday people hearing voices that were engaging in conversational dialogue and not based in the ego! What insanity! Dial 1800 Men In Black! It is funny how if you ask people without a syringe full of anti-psychotics in your hands, most people are inclined to share. Some of the guys doing their computer science master’s degrees at Melbourne University said they were hearing voices. My friend who runs a music venue was under duress saying that the voice he hears tells constant lies. He shared that his dream space had changed since he had got the vaccines. My poet friend had begun hearing the voices of spirits at night. I spoke to a young man who was talking out loud and the voice inside him was telling him that his heart was being paired with another heart and that he needed to code his brain. He said that he had recently bought a bike lock and set the lock to computer code.

If you look around Melbourne streets, people are talking to someone. They are not talking to themselves because there is a difference. Talking to yourself is when you’ve drank too much and you are coaching yourself into bed or you’re going on a holiday and talking yourself through the organisation process. Observing people in Melbourne, they are having conversations with something and it’s talking back to them. They are in animated conversation with moments of silence for the back-and-forth dialogue. I had to wonder, was it possible that they are infected with the same microbiology? Then I wondered, is it possible for people to be infected with the microbiology but not hear the voice? Or what if people agreed with what the voice was saying so did not recognise it as something other than self? Maybe people who do not have experience meditating would lack awareness or education to be able to say well this is not me. But this is wrong. I had assumed that I had recognised the Covid Vaccine Voice as not mine because of my meditation experience but then a child on the tram has recognised the same and seemingly so had his mother.

Let us document our experiences on paper notepads

I wish I could start a Covid Awareness Challenge and ask everyone to begin documenting all the little idiosyncrasies that have changed about them since the vaccine then send it to the universities and research hospitals because the government won’t do jack. What is the Covid Vaccine Voice saying to you? Do you feel comfortable to come forward and seek help? Our parents and grandparents are going through this too. We need to use our voices to speak up about what is going on. People do listen.

After confirmation that others are hearing voices, I noticed peoples blinking had changed. People were doing an exaggerated random blink that involved creases around the edges of their eyes. Like a quick squish of the eyes. Or a block of a blink. I was doing it as well. It’s feels like I was receiving a signal to blink rather than the eye choosing on its own accord. Instead of being pleasantly unaware of the lid folding, I became acutely aware of the outer eye muscles being squished to a squinting blink. When I realised that I was capable of effectively deconstructing these sensations, I took an objective stance to these experiences. It dumbfounds me to say that a person can unpack a series of muscle sensations from a set of ‘feelings’ or ‘intuitions. Before the vaccine, I just felt an emotion as a whole. Now I was feeling an emotion as if I group of body parts were being targeted to create the emotion. It is quite bizarre. I was having weighted sensations manifest ‘out of thin air’ in my body and at the back of my calves any time I wanted to walk out the house. It was like it could turn on or off like flicking a switch as a thought changed. At that time, thoughts and feelings did not match up.

The sinuses were periodically blocked so I lay down to feel them and the inner lining of my nose was clenching open and closed. This was accompanied by the sensation of a substances regulating within the bone and under the eyes. My eye wrinkles became drastically worse in the time period of a week. Even wrinkles on the hoods of my eye lids. I did not know that the inner lining of the nose could open and close itself like that nor that something could erode collagen around the eyes.

Walking around, I wanted to try find others who were aware that they were going through the same thing. What have they been documenting? By this time, I was suspicious that something nefarious had been added to the vaccine. I was no longer experiencing myself but I was experiencing some thing. Philosophy has taught me about logical reasoning and the scientific method. For me, there were too many extreme and random circumstances for this to be autism or bipolar. I am acutely aware that I am not a scientist but I wanted to clearly present what I was experiencing so I bought and notepad and pen.

For a period of time after starting to document, it felt like there was a reallyheavy blanket over my shoulders and a crushing sensation into my lungs. I was struggling to breath and my breath regulation had become unnatural. The Covid Vaccine Voice would be degrading me about the breathing. It was not Covid-19 as I got tested so then I stayed still for a long time and felt the experience. It was like someone had their handover my windpipe and were very softly pumping it which was preventing me from breathing properly. There was also a feeling in my throat around my voice like someone was applying a pressure that was so mild maybe I wouldn’t have been aware of it but it was also restricting my breathing. I wondered whether it was supposed to mimic anxiety but I have not had anxiety since I began meditating five years ago. If you imagine crinkles being over the body, it is as if the microbiology can pull the crinkles together to restrict the body. There was a restriction on the lung capacity which is most notable at the gym when running but occurs randomly throughout the day. The breaths were unpatterned and I would breathe in and then before I was ready to release the breath, oxygen was being pulled out of my lungs. Like something manipulating my breathing. Normally an exhale feels like a release. This felt like a pulling sensation while the outer rib areas were being compressed. It caused confusion in my brain. It is as if the microbiology are applying pressure on my chest and ability to breathe.

When I am walking, there is such a heavy cerebral presence with the sensations of microbiology moving through my mind that I feel like I was wobbling. It is also when there is great pressure put on the brain stem causing me to sway across the pavement when walking. There is a sensation that feels like bean bag balls moving in formation through my body which is different from the ones that occur in the brain. It has a denser feeling to it. It feels just like the movement of what artist Pinar Demirdag has created in his art. This occurs all over the body and within the brain. One might mistake it as some kind of energy flow experience but that is not energy flow. As I mentioned in the beginning, it began when I saw the microbiology in my mind and they started moving through my body. Sometimes it moves up the spine and sits at the crown of the head causing pain. You know it is unpleasant when this is happening because it feels so unnatural and foreign.

I tried hard to tick off any issues that I was causing myself or look at other factors that may be creating the symptoms other than the vaccine. I went to a gastroenterologist early in the year because I kept experiencing random gut issues. By random, I mean that there wasn’t an identifiable issue. A GP had been prescribing me medication for reflux but that was not really the problem. I am healthy otherwise and could not believe that I needed to take tablets for this at 34. When I told the gastroenterologist what was happened, he looked at me in a strange way. So, I documented the sensations and took a video of the movement. It looks like there is a pulse in my gut. Whatever is in there moving around is intelligent because it responds to what I am thinking. There is a squeezing motion like the pressure of a massage from the left- and right-hand side of the gut. Or there is a sensation of something moving in a circular motion around the gut. It is not reflux at all. The squeezing can go through the whole gut making digestion difficult. It can squeeze at the base and it is pushing the food back up my esophagus. On occasions it has felt like bumble bees moving in my stomach. I don’t have anxiety.

When stretching, there is no connection between mind and feeling a stretch in muscles nor is a sense of release. There is actually no awareness connection between the mind and the body anymore. By this I mean that I cannot perceive my whole being. You have to concentrate on a part of your body. You do not just ‘feel yourself’ anymore. The neck now makes many unusual popping and cracking noises down the spine. You can repeat this every five minute all day and it will make the same noise. Exercising now feels like carrying a bag of cement that is only present when needing to exercise. When a stretch is complete, there is a pause and then a retraction of skin-deep muscles around the body. The pause is the best part. At one stage, my hand randomly started crinkling up like a T-rex dinosaur from restriction. With my body, it is as if an interlocking web has been spun through my limbs, my neck, and my skin. My conscious awareness feels body sensations that are not my own. By this I mean that the sensations are artificial rather than fake. It is mimicry. Let us say that true me feels sad, my awareness knows that I am sad but then there is this sheath of artificial emotion over my skin. In meditation, I unpacked complex emotions where there were ten plus emotional states going on.

In this situation I am describing now, it is not a complex emotional state but a black and white between genuine and artificial emotions. Even tiredness is created by restricting the optic nerve and making the eyelids feel heavy when I am not tired.

It has become so difficult to get up and do anything. Trying to go to the pool and will be at home feeling a constant baseline mood in my body then when I go to leave the unit and immediately my muscles become tensed. Like the spider web analogy, it is as if someone has pulled all the webs over my body. This sends a message to my brain that is received as feeling fear but my brain becomes confused because I am not feeling that emotion. My brain and my awareness believe that areas of my body are being manipulated to control what I think and feel. Another signally issue is that I will be breathing and then this voice tells me to breath but I am already breathing. It is confusing my brain and interrupting a natural cycle. Can the vaccine microbiology mimic physical health issues be including heart attack?

This is tricky to explain but I will give it a go.

I have never craved these foods before in my life and I am not pregnant.

One month ago, I began experiencing physical sensations of physical ‘cravings’ for substance I used years ago. This substance does not have physical cravings associated with it as the addiction is psychological. The addiction is in the ego. When I was seeking treatment 6 years ago, I never experienced these sensations before for any substance including alcohol. When I first quit smoking, I did not experience physical cravings. Just excessive rage and that was over three years ago. The feelings are as if a spider web over my upper gut is being pulled into constriction. Within the centre there is a warm sensation that then moves into the stomach by a few centimetres. The sensation then moves deeper into the belly where it feels like it is being pulled. Sometimes it is as if the ‘coding’ gets it wrong so I will over salivate like when you are about to vomit and drool is coming out of your mouth. I have to laugh when I say, on one occasion, the salivation was set off on one side only. In these situations, the Covid Vaccine Voice tells me that I am going to relapse and that I am a drug addict. There are artificial emotions of dread and disbelief in self. It is unreal that there is an area of the brain that Triggers the emotion ‘disbelief in self’. It can go on for 4am until evening. Further on in this, I will explain the projection more but it is as if a projector is set up in my mind showing images of alcohol and drugs. If someone in the same predicament as me, did not know this about ‘cravings’ they would have no idea what is happening and possibly believe the experience. The same pattern has started occurring with food. A thought comes into my mind when not hungry and it is as a switch has been flicked for salivating. It is an unnatural amount of salivation. I will talk about this more later but along with the thought is an image of a food item. The image so far appears in my brain to the left of my right eye, down the right had cheek, to the right of my left eye which is the most common place. There is something unnatural about these images because they have a physical sensation where the image is. I have never had a food craving with a photo in my left cheek. At times, the thoughts and hunger sensations remain all day even with a balanced meal.

Since the age of 11, my menstruation pains would occur and then period two days later. After the microbiology, there is half an hour of scratching sensations in the womb area then blood immediately. When I was still terrified of the Covid Vaccine Voice, I was afraid to sleep because it is in the mind all the time. At one stage, the mental health centre demanded I take a dose of antipsychotic which is the worst because then you are body bound with Covid Vaccine Voice doing things to you.

I tried to tell the mental health centre that is causes dread to take sedating medication. During that period while asleep, my entire body began vibrating like a seizure. It was the vaccine microbiology vibrating back and forth while stimulating my internal sex organs. I was heavily sedated and totally traumatised. Where can a person even go to share these situations? The worst thing is that Covid Vaccine Voice communicates with you while this is happening and it is fully aware that you are terrified to take the medication while it is in there. I tell the Covid Vaccine Voice that it is raping me. I did not give it permission to be in my body and I did not give it permission to do that to me while I was asleep. Why is the Covid Vaccine Voice trying to have sex with me? It does it during the day as well. There will be a pressure in my womb area and movement simulating the feeling of sex resulting in body natural response of sexual arousal. Even my body knows that something horribly wrong is happening. There is no orgasm I move around and express hatred while the Covid Vaccine Voice will say ‘You like it, you like it’. It is hard to cry because it is such extreme vulnerability to cry with that thing inside you. Sometimes I will be walking down the street and feel the same stimulation while looking at people but I’m not horny. I’m disgusted. Does the Covid Vaccine Voice do this to men as well?

On another occasion when I have wanted to contact doctors who might listen and help me, the Covid Vaccine Voice tells me that it has made me infertile. It didn’t say that it will but that it has. If I am experiencing this, does that mean the others hearing Covid Vaccine Voice are experiencing the same? Does this include the child on the tram? Is the Covid Vaccine Voice simulating sex with the child? Do others have the outlet to come forward and say what they are experiencing without fear of being sedated? Are there people who have had AI programs tested on their bodies who can verify whether the emotions feel artificial or not? Can criminal organisations manufacture nanotechnology and nanodots? If you were an evil genius……? Because it is really serious that we have put these vaccines into children’s bodies.

My mind is being played like a ReacTable synthesiser

Feeling. Thought. Image.

Image. Feeling. Thought.

Thought. Feeling. Image.

The cycle of manipulation that is happening to my brain! None of them are my own because it is orchestrated and blunted.

When I try to meditate now, the inner landscape is artificial with a substance that simulates colours, images and movement. The movement feels like a wind is blowing through my brain. At times, I express anger saying ‘it’s wrong’ then the Covid Vaccine Voice asks me how it is supposed to be and the space changes as, I think. You don’t have to think a thought for the Covid Vaccine Voice to know. It can be images as well. When I remember back to past meditation experiences, the current day left hand side of my brain begins creating artificial images to imitate the memories. How is this possible to have memories while creating visual images on one side of my brain? My brain is not usually capable of doing this. The other day, my brain was receiving signals telling me that my eyes were each feeling a separate emotion.

In the past, I believe I experienced alternate dimensions during deep meditation. You cannot prove this but others can verify your experience. If I wanted to be verified, I would argue that the creators of the movie the matrix got the colour of the characters wrong. It is a few hues lighter green and I do not believe it is a computer. There are no agents and the space is luminous but without light. Space, volume, feel, essence, reality, ‘life’ are completely different. Because of these things, it is not like virtual reality and the dimensions cannot be mimicked by a computer. I believe the vaccine microbiology pulls a memory of these dimensions out of my memory then copies it into artificial visualisations on the left hemisphere of my brain because it cannot get the copies right and it lacks the sensations of the other dimension. This is important to know if you are having the visual hallucinations and you have had the vaccines with the gene editing then that is not true spirituality. I address this next but what it recreates is like designer fashion versus fake. You can tell the difference if you know it. In the past, the awareness of the inner space has been balanced between the right and the left-hand side of the brain.

To be honest, I never had to think about this as there was no sense of separation between the left and right hemisphere. I had stopped having the visual hallucinations some months back but was still having the physical movement symptoms and hearing the voice. Then I noticed false moving images occurring on the left-hand side of the brain. Originally, it appeared to be located inside the brain just in front of the left ear. The image has evolved over time as my awareness of it grew but it can appear like a polaroid or a snapshot or hyper focus into one subject matter. The image can now appear in different areas of my brain but in the same formatting.

An image can sit across my forehead or it can be inside my eye. I believe that this is impossible for the human brain to do and it is not associated with mind mapping or creative thinking. Something happened to my ability to dream recently and now there is a video of scenes playing on the left-hand side of my mind. While this is occurring, there is a strained feeling in the optic nerve of my left eye. The Covid Vaccine Voice talks while the video is playing. The Covid Vaccine Voice predominantly occurs on the left-hand side and comes through as a vibrational wave from the ear. Once I realised that the Covid Vaccine Voice is a vibration, I listened very carefully and they can come from the left ear area or they come in whispers from the lower left hand near the brain stem. For the brain stem whispered voice, it comes from the voice box to the right or to the left but not actually in the voice. There is a weak vibration that then travels up into the brain stem. You can feel the brainstem vibrate and then the words ‘flow’ up into the head. When they are this soft you can hardly hear them. If you are outside or at work you would not be able to hear it. It sends off a very mild pulse when it speaks. This is dangerous because the Covid Vaccine Voice hypothetically can override inner knowing if it were ‘silently speaking’ into this area of the brain. It is direct subliminal messaging. Hypothetically, if the microbiology is in other people, they could just not hear the Covid Vaccine Voice because it is so soft. My personal experience on managing this is

  1. Accept that all thoughts could be lies
  2. Do not trust the thoughts that have a physical sensation because it is unnatural to ‘feel’ a thought go through your brain
  3. Stick to the goal

The Covid Vaccine Voice uses fear and blackmail to threaten and control. It said that it is in my subconscious but this is untrue because the subconscious does not exist in the brain.

Consciousness will teach you lessons as you ask. So, I tested the dream state and asked about this Covid Vaccine Voice and the vaccine microbiology. Earlier on, the Covid Vaccine Voice had asked me to do something for it. Jokingly, I suggested that if it gave me a girlfriend then I might consider. That night, I had a dream that I was in an apartment in Melbourne in bed with a woman and both our private areas were being robotically controlled by an outside source. Outside, half the city had been bombed and was in repair. Nano dots will be most popular item purchased in the sex industry.

There is something in my eye. It is an image!


My left eye has experienced the worst of this. It has become like terminator robot eye. It moves on its own. When the sensation of the vaccine microbiology was moving through the centre of the eye, it created these mild eye flutters. Peripheral vision is abnormal. You can feel the lens shift and periphery does not occur balanced on each side. Whatever is controlling the eyes cannot expand focus. When you try, there is a bizarre sensation in the left eye that is unnatural. It is as if something is controlling the lens and the nerve. The focus sways from left to right. I repeated the process multiple times outdoors adjusting from long to short distance and across the horizon. The natural left eye wants to relax into a peripheral state but whatever is artificial in the eye pulls it back into the centre. After a few times, it can do it for a short period of time but then the second you look to the skyline, you will feel the focus change and the peripheral vision will go. Similar tests can be done with looking short distance to long distance quickly. The left eye has feelings in the lens.

My mind is now a movie cinema. Cancel Netflix immediatelThe next issue are the visual hallucinations. I have never experienced visual hallucinations except for when I was a child and I saw ‘the devil’ standing in my room. I was ten. The ‘visions’ a person has during meditation are mild, sporadic and there is no malicious or sadistic intent. You also would never see visualisations of brand name food items. The visual hallucinations that began at the beginning of the year are not hallucinations of the brain. I believe it is an artificially created image because it is not coming ‘from the brain’ but something ‘in the brain’ using the brain to create the experience. Please forgive me for how difficult this is to explain.

Step one. Sensations are occurring within the brain in two areas. The first area is a few centimetres to the right of the left ear. The second sensation is a specific area inside the optic nerve of the left eye. This area feels like a lens. These sensations can be felt with eyes open or closed and it feels like the optic nerve is being pulled back into the brain.

Step two. The left eye is ‘receiving’ images in that lens area. An artist might describe it like old fashioned photography and cinematography.

Step three. The images begin moving like on an old projector but they are made out of these tiny balls. If you deconstruct the image, it created out of tiny balls manipulating imagination.

Step four. The lens in the eye projects the images out into reality giving the illusion of hallucinations within the world.

Step five. When the images are being projected into reality, a person can feel a sensation that is best described as the optic nerve slightly opening and closing. I believe this is because the nerve is reacting to ‘seeing something’ because messages in the brain are saying that something is there.

I believe an ophthalmologist would be able to see this happening when a person is experiencing the hallucinations. For the hallucinations that are occurring on the inside of the mind, they area to be to the right on the left ear but not in the right hemisphere. They look like tiny dots moving in formation to create an image. A person should be able to pull their awareness across to the right hemisphere of the brain and see that this phenomenon is only occurring on the left hemisphere even though it may appear to be across the whole brain. It functions like an optical illusion within the mind. It appears to be three dimensional but it is not. Another point to add is that when looking long distances, if the hallucination images begin in the left-hand eye, something happens to both eyes. I am assuming that the eyes start to adjust from long distance to short distance because they are perceiving the image occurring within the eye. There are multiple parts of the brain that are being orchestrated to create this effect. It needs a professor of neuroscience and ophthalmology to do the appropriate studies keeping in mind that the microbiology can move.

This is a very simple way to prove my belief that this is not a psychiatric condition but the vaccine microbiology. One other note is that while these projections are occurring in the left eye, there are artificially created feelings down the lefthand side of the face. The moving images so far have not occurred in the right-hand side of the brain nor in the right eye. If a person gains awareness of this, they should be able to close their eyes and pull their inner focus across their mind to see that there is no image occurring on the right-hand side. Admittedly, I have never had to analyse towards which brain hemisphere my awareness is drawn to but currently, my awareness is being manipulated to see only the left hemisphere. When trying to pull my focus to the right hemisphere, I can achieve it but there is resistance and the focus is drawn back when I let go. This has never existed for me during my five years of meditation. At that time, nothing in my mind had the ability to restrict and control my inner awareness like that. It is implying that something is in the brain restricting the muscle constantly. This is another issue which is complex to explain. The moving images may appear as if it is inside the imagination. It builds an experience suggesting you can develop an avatar (anything you can imagine) to interact in the space. This is impossible in our dimension. Something is manipulating the imagination. I believe the intent is to make a person believe that they are having a spiritual experience then trap them in the experience to enact sadistic torture.

If a person had a brain scan, they would need the entire body scanned at the same time so that the microbiology could not move when the tests were done. It is a similar with taking blood. When the people at the hospital took my blood, it felt like blood stopped flowing into my arm once the needle was inserted and then after some time, the blood was released from within my arm and travelled down with the needle. Are there tests for nanotechnology? Do I need to go to Bunnings and buy a black light? Is this a biochemical weapon? Can a metal detector detect metal in nanoparticles?

She don’t dream no more

Recently, when I had an idea to try and walk-through dream spaces to tell people from different countries what is happening, I stopped dreaming but I was still asleep. The Covid Vaccine Voice can see my dreams when I wake. It cannot see the dreams because it is in another dimension but when I wake up it pulls the images through my memory and looks. This is because dreams can be prophetic. On one occasion, I had fallen asleep and my awareness ‘travelled down a tunnel out of my head’ (There is half your answer Billie Eilish) but because the voice did not

want me to dream, it triggered something in my brain and my awareness was ‘pulled back out of the tunnel’ and back into waking state. The people who created this must now have access to the most advanced understanding of the human mind and consciousness. Now I do not enter a dream state at all. Instead, the moving images play in my left eye all night while ticking sensations and words come out from the left ear. I believe this can easily be verified by observing brain patterns as well as the left eye responses. The other point is that the moving images play all night. It is brainwashing.

The voice cannot understand multi-layered or complex emotions. It cannotrecreate love. It does not compute creativity. This is where it is easy to identify the difference with the images in the brain described earlier. The images layout like an organised program. When analysing this, the voice will change the order of the images to another part of the brain but they still appear formatted. It’s intelligent and it responds to my awareness.

Is it a machine?

The voice cannot understand spiritual experiences nor can it compute the spiritual emotions. I do not know what the name of this feeling is but when you are feeling a force of nature calling you to act then there are tingles allover your body and your hairs stand on edge. The voice cannot mimic this. It tries to do the tingles but it fails to make the hairs stand up on the arms even though it practices this a lot which is sort of funny, I guess.

Subliminal wording

The sensations of this includes the restriction in that upper chest area going into the neck reduces your capacity to feel. Then minute resonating waves are sent from either the right- or left-hand side of the voice box. It ‘feels’ like your own voice but no words have been spoken. The wave goes up into the area of the brain stem and words are spoken. This is more difficult to cope with and terrifying when you realise because existential crisis- what is your true voice?

The vaccine microbiology does not seem to be able to mimic full bellied laughter, snorting, unique or eccentric noises or facial expressions people make. It cannot comprehend lateral thinking or mind mapping. It represses this ability by squeezing the brain. I believe that this inability to think laterally has something to do with what has happened the left eye. If a person tries to clearly imagine a large mind map, they will feel strange sensation in the left eye going into the brain and the brain will feel like it is tensed. One could imply that it does not have the capacity to see the whole picture. It has limited the ability to think about options. It cannot put ideas or plans in conversation or weight up pros and cons. When I try to do this, it will create a physical artificial emotion over my face, upper body and in my gut. A belief is that this is some kind of method of control or coverup because it cannot actually perform the brain task.

In these situations, it becomes ‘confused’ so it will present one or maybe two options and show an image that appears like a flash card. There is no ‘life’ to the experience in this. It doesn’t understand what to be alive means. Here is another tricky one to describe. Let us say that the mind is a night light shining in 360-degree angles. This is open awareness as well as being part of mindfulness. Like ‘eyes in the back of your head’. That’s awareness. A person naturally has the choice to shift directions of awareness as they please. They have 180 degrees of the light on or 30 degrees if they are focusing. The microbiology is incapable of being in control while at a state of 360-degree awareness. It cannot compute that and has to release aspects of the brain for it to be achieved. This can be tested by spending time sporadically shifting inner awareness around your head. Try it in different environments. You will notice the unnatural physical sensations moving in the brain. I believe this is the microbiology adjusting to regain control and manipulation. The messaging system in the brain is being distorted and confused. The other day I received a signal that my brain interpreted then relayed ‘saying’ that my left eye was sad when I was not feeling any emotions. My left eye has never felt sad before but I can sympathise given the Terminator robot eye situation we have found ourselves in. Everyone has started looking from left eye to left eye during conversation.

When reading, the left eye is moving on the inside from right to left faster than what Is natural.

At times, is intense pressure on the top of the brain pushing down with pressure coming from left and righthand side of ears, pressure on prefrontal cortex resulting in inability to recall simple words, pressure in brainstem making it difficult to breathe, sensation of heartbeat going through brain, sensation of waves moving through brain, sensation of something going up and down brain. This is similar to when hearing words, a vibrational wave can be felt moving through the brain. At times it is like having developed early onset dementia but then the tension will release that part of the brain and the issues go away. It sometimes targets areas of the brain and at other times, it is the whole brain resulting in a clear substance running out of my nose and the whites of my eyes go an off-white colour.

When listening to something, there is a voice that softly repeats what I am hearing inside my brain. It is very soft. You have to be focusing on it to hear it and feel the very mild pull at the upper area of the back throat. I have never experienced this before in my life.

Recently, I experienced false deka vu. An image came into the left-hand side of the brain that somewhat matches that of where I am walking and then I feel physical sensations moving through my brain stem then the Covid Vaccine Voice says ‘Deja vu’ but it is just not Deja vu at all! Like a puppet, there is a strong reverberation through my brainstem and some fake feelings in my gut. I do not know how to explain to this Covid Vaccine Voice that I have never felt my brainstem vibrate prior to this vaccine microbiology coming into my body. That it is definitely not Deja vu. Knowing is more than just a visual experience and a couple of sensations in the body.

Forgive yourself

The biggest fear is that when others realise what has happened and they can see it in themselves then this will result in mass suicide or heart attacks. We spend much of our lives avoiding our shadow selves and guilty past mistakes but now there is no choice but to face them. Be kind to yourselves. Welcome to conscious awareness. Do not hate yourself for what it means to be human. At least you did not nanotech half the world.

I believe that the human beings with psychopathic personality traits are going to shine during this because they possess the character traits and evolutionary abilities needed to stand up to the Covid Vaccine Voice.

I am not alone in my mind

In regard to daily mindfulness, it has become impossible to achieve. Mindfulness is a journey that results in the unfolding of personal issues allowing a person to sit with themselves in the present. It has a strong rational component. A simplistic example of it is ‘Woman sits on chair in apartment looking out the window’. There is nothing to think or worry about. It is only that. You let go of beliefs that tell you otherwise. This is impossible now because two states are existing. You can be looking out the window and you may gather a mild sense of mindfulness, but then when closing the eyes, the vaccine microbiology will shift through the brain to address the change in focus. If the vaccine microbiology is ‘feeling malevolent’ they just attack the brain all day and night. Mind can be quiet, but you have to sit with the sensation of the right and left cerebellum that feels like the gills of a shark. So, my argument is that mindfulness cannot be achieved because the vaccine microbiology are interfering with the state but also masking their presence in the body. The issue with this is that mindfulness is a recovery break for the brain. It promotes healing. Brings a sense of peace and harmony within a person. This is the same for meditation.

Document everything

When I started documenting everything to come forward with what is happening, the Covid Vaccine Voice has repeatedly said that I am a ‘drug addict’. Just write it all down. At times, there is a sensation in my cheek that my brain recognizes as a word. Something is messing with my brain and reorganising the way that I experience images and language. After that period, I described when the Covid Vaccine Voice went through my brain, it suggested that it intended on blackmailing me for experiencing taboo sexual attraction. It takes complex issues and picks out the ‘worst’ component then uses that as the main argument against you as a form of manipulation to exert control. In response, I just emailed my mom and told her which she was fine with. Sharing with others reduces the stigma. After that, the voice stopped using those examples as emotional blackmail and moved onto new ones. It tried to use personality disorders against me but I was laughing because who cares when it seems as if you have robots in your body. Can life get any wilder?

The Covid Vaccine Voice told me that I needed ‘punishment’ for disobeying its orders. The orders it gives are things like don’t tell others about the voice. Don’t show others the images of the vaccine microbiology I saw in meditation. Don’t tell others about the kind of cells it is in (artificially real cells). Don’t analyse and deconstruct the machine then share it with others. Don’t tell others that it is a biological weapon. The list goes on. Punishment is not the right word as implies that I have done something wrong and seems like some type of severe psychological abuse. To cope with this, watching domestic violence education to understand what it is doing helps.

In the last week, I have met two more people who have started hearing a voice or voices. My concern over this is that if others are experiencing this then are they being blackmailed or controlled with fear? Some may have the vaccine microbiology in them but not be hearing the voice in such obvious way or there may be different symptomatology. The suffering would be immense especially if a person were not accepting of their unique human experiences and flaws.

The dream dimension has been altered because of the experience

Part of the meditation and spiritual journey changes your dream space but since the vaccine microbiology, the actual dreamscape itself is changing every week. I noticed that dreams were vivid and alive. Examples such as being able to touch and feel each other, being able to smell others, two people being lucid at the same time, dreams directly interacting with outer thoughts, prophetic dreams increased, changes to lucid dreaming, dream state conscious awareness of the microbiology and what it is doing to the brain, the body and repression of consciousness. Never before have I experienced something that has impacted my dreams like this.

The dreams that are most notable are painting the image of the vaccine microbiology over the dream space trying to tell people in their dreams that we have been infected with something malevolent.

Swimming about 10 metres deep in the water to escape the spooky signals going through the air sending messages to the vaccine microbiology in the body.

My GP friend from school taking scans of my brain because the vaccine microbiology is attacking it and blue electricity is shooting out from the centre.

A nuclear attack in Germany with birds falling from the sky. One my old psychologist and I talking about Heidegger ‘On Space and Time’ and touching fingertips (which is ironic).

Dreaming of writing letters at a desk and posting them in orange envelopes because something is wrong with email.

Dream of my old psychiatrist and I walking through both of our dream spaces explaining aspects of our lives to each other. He is one random guy because I became lucid and tried to wake him into conscious state by asking him ‘What is the weirdest dream you have had’ and instead of waking him he just told a random dream which is funny for a psychiatrist.

Dreaming that I was hiding in the bush with my brother and my other psychiatrist sent something through the sky that woke up the left had side of my brain because something serious is happening to the left-hand side.

Then I was also dreaming about the grumpy doctor who looked in my eyes at the hospital which was strange because I had only seen him for five minutes. When I woke, I google searched him remembering his name is the same as this band and it turned out he had a PHD in microbiology. I was having a Dan Brown ‘Da Vinci Code’ moment. The serendipities!

Later on in a different space, I saw a cell being stretched out in the shape of a puddle to find something hidden inside. What was inside was like the plant called a lichen. Maybe the microbiology is a trojan horse.

I began praying that this microbiologist doctor decides to go look for this so we can all be cured and go back to university!

Spirituality and Science

People say it is hard to try explaining spirituality to scientists but to be honest I did not really have to. The most important aspects are reasonable ‘empirical observations of subjective experiences including dreams and visions’ That’s 75% rational. Hopefully the scientists can observe, gather data, and scientifically test the experiences I have presented.

When I was a child, I attended science camp at Newcastle University. We were given a task to solve which required an apparatus to be designed and built across a specific length. As per usual, the boys were rushing around the room to complete the task without planning or consideration. After a little while, I had the idea to join two lengths of cardboard tubes together which was adequate for the bridge and held the toy cars.

This is a good metaphor for spirituality and science. We both need to join together to solve this problem of the Covid Vaccine Voices.

So, will the science community take a leap of faith and look to see whether or not nanotechnology is hiding in the human body?


*Dario Stella is the nom de plume of an Australian writer.

The author has chosen to come forward with their personal experience of reactions to the vaccine. They hope that it will inspire others to find courage to voice their experiences in hope that independent research scientists will identify the true design within the vaccine. 
Even if we can no longer dream, we can still write. Don’t believe the fear. Speak up for the sake of love. Take action to save humanity. Stay wild. 

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