Letting Go

by Sue DeGregorio-Rosen, RN, CLNC, Contributing Editor

Thought I recognized you in the haze of a morning sky…or were you just a mirage in a mist from the ocean drifting ashore or waterfall cascading in a gorge? 

A woody scent cologne lingered in the dew. I wondered why you were here. Where were you all this time? You departed, no goodbyes, Were you another one of my dreams?

A lyric repeated itself like a verse in a song that I couldn’t release from my head – was it something I did, something I said, or didn’t say?

Would you have stayed if only I had asked…were you my imagination desiring to just hold on for one more day?

Maybe we could have shared one more kiss? Just maybe…….letting go cannot be explained, just let it happen.

It’s an experience and it’s not very easy……I still see you when the rain falls or the mist arrives ashore.

I still feel you when the moon is full…. letting go is messy, an unwieldy emotion.

It can’t be taught, and I must learn to let it be……I woke last night at the witching hour of 3 a.m.

My tears came slowly, they were gentle tears that flowed from my heart and soul….and although it made me sad to remember, to remember you……to remember us.

Beautiful it was…and so in my memories I have to let it be.

I am not angry, I just miss you……life happens, and death takes us away from that which was….

So, there is nothing that I can do…. the lyric of our love remains…. just let it be and know that in time I will let it be….