Lifestyle: Introduction



From architecture to fashion, music & art and other artistic endeavors, traveling, stargazing, living from paycheck to paycheck, on land or on water, encamped in a senior citizen’s dwelling, working in an inner city housing project or tending to a country plot or an apartment potted garden, or hiking a mountain, walking on a beach or in a woods or on a boardwalk or running in a park, or volunteering at a soup kitchen, or scraping memories, searching for the ultimate cup of coffee or tea, practicing yoga, or publishing an electronic journal, from place of work to place of eating, sleeping and playing, from hobbies to relationships, traditional or non-traditional, alternative or an ambiguous combination – designing your personal and public life is your lifestyle. 

Lifestyle is a self-expression within the context of a living and working situation – financial, physical and emotional resources and overall environmental context, however arrived at – it’s where you find yourself at the moment. You might be physically or mentally constrained, live in a world of fantasy and dreams with an empty wallet in a consumer obsessed society and find that the shape of your self-expression is affected by forces within and outside you.

And yet, what stimulates you to move from a thought to an action?

This page is an opportunity to share thoughts about our lifestyle.