Listening to the Blues: Between Assignments

by Andrea Brandt


Blues music is playing in background from the radio.

Russia’s internal struggles are spilling over, beyond Ukraine.

Civil disobedience among some Russians and troops is percolating and being fed from the outside but also within.  Confusion and chaos can have a purpose. In war anything is possible especially the unplanned stuff.

Last night a couple of journalists talked about the Middle East and events in India, Greece, and Italy. Human rights abuses are standard.

So as usual I sit here waiting to hear from a contact. I sip my coffee. Minutes after 5 a.m. local time. No one in the hotel room except me.

News about events in USA sound surreal. But no surprises given the nature of America’s Far Right politics.

Injustice, migration, and economic issues prevail today along with food on the table tonight. Will leave within the hour on next assignment.