Love: a dream that unwinds

fallen angel

by Sue DeGregorio-Rosen, RN, CLNC, Contributing Editor



Asleep, in a dream


into the center

of a celebration,

a delight of the moment

feeling compelled to attend…

your presence was in the air – 

I inhaled your exotic scent,

as if I entered not just a room,

but another place in time,

what will happen if you do the same? 

Will you feel me in that special way,

only a celestial being can.

I am exposed,

such a vulnerable position

 as if I have been stripped naked.

Indeed, that’s just the vulnerability I’m feeling.

Your pulse, your smile, and sweetness,

an otherworldly dream

that continues to haunt me –

when I need some quiet time.

Excitement sweeps through me,

in a wild, intoxicating, and intense breath,

following your touch that defines me.

You are that animal that carries,

 that which excites my inner sanctum,

saturated with vague memories –

of years of future past.

I turn, and there you are. 

You beckon me, fierce and delicious –

to taste…

yet I try to turn away from you,

and the thoughts in my head

that mean nothing in the end.

You always come to me like a volcano,

hot lava that burns within      a, 

This is a song I have sung before.

My untamed femininity, we lock eyes.

Passion flows as you take my hand,

and lead me to a path I have walked before. 

There is that moment when I try to turn away,

but you guide me gently to the grass,

and pull me closer.   

I can feel the freshness of dew on my legs.    

Sweat drips between my breasts,

you taste it like the juice of sweet nectar,

in your mouth.  

I don’t fully understand how or why you are here,

but ancient parts of me do. 

I summoned you, as I often do,

when my senses need sharpening,

I own this interlude. 

Whispering stay silent, you need no encouragement, 

to fill me with the experience I so desire.  

Tilting my head to look at you,

magnificent to behold,

an untamed work of exalted art 

with gentle, soft kisses,

you whisper songs of poetry. 

 There is fire in your bones, sultry and rapturous, 

you intimate you will always return,

whenever I want you. 

As long as we are both here to share,

the infinite number of possibilities

as I mount you…

hard, pulsating, sweaty passion revealed,

and the truth of who we both are. 

We are a story, my love, a memory……….

that lurks in the shadows of my mind.    

An incubus is a demon in male form,

a folklore that seeks to have sexual intercourse

with sleeping women;

the corresponding spirit in female form is called …