marriage contract: metaphor of a modern reality

The Marriage Contract. Jean-Baptiste Greuze, Artist. 1761

by LJ Frank

Wednesday evening. I was in New York City meeting with a colleague when she text: please call me! It sounded urgent. Within the hour I was in my hotel room. I called. Her voice message: I’m indisposed. Will return your call as soon as possible.

Today is Friday. She called.


It’s me.

What’s happening?

I left him a few weeks ago.

Left who?



It was mostly physical. I married him the first day in June. Forty-one days and five hours later …was…well, long enough. He wasn’t as advertised. But then, neither am I.

I read some place there was a Wedlease contract couples could sign and their marriage was good for six months up to three or five years with a renewable clause.

In my case. a ninety day warranty might have been appropriate.


I thought you knew.

Not about this recent marriage.

He was my third husband in ten years.

How can I help?

I’m in Las Vegas.


I met someone…refreshing.

You met someone?

Yeah. Would you like to join us?

What? I’m your former therapist and…

And that makes it all the more interesting.