Metaphors: Crucifixion, Prophecy & the “Disfigured Face of God”

Source. Pixabay

by LJ Frank

 The Paleolithic man uncovered in an archaeological dig

 fragmented necklace of thorns on his skull, a haunting crucifixion

and an oral tradition is lost in a primitive desert wilderness,

the hanging tree a violent metaphor of human ignorance

and before Christ arrived late on the scene millions of years into evolution

the prophet was of two-gendered spirits beneath his deeply tanned skin –

his heart affected by a tribe’s primitive wanderings,

an ancestor’s rawness of survival embedded within

the ancient, numinous spirit of a nomadic breed

the craving for a Beingness that man would title “God” for approachability.

as the evolution of the cell is naturally inclined towards a reason to exist

birth is not peaceful, conception is a risk of nature,

the appetite for affirmation is kindled when the eyes truly awaken,

avarice severs the coronary arteries of compassion,

yet the compassionate grace attracts belief, wary of true believers,

for humble demands more courage than the blood thirst of greed,

but still, who decides the womb’s prophecies; to control is a ruler’s wet dream,

and masturbation is merely a seeded eroticism of the brain,

bliss is not revealed in a sacramental ritual of wafer and wine –

life is not a stage play or film, no matter how well crafted,

Greek poets have come and gone along with their theater of gods,

a lonely pharaoh questioned life’s meaning as the sun rose over Sahara,

countless kings and queens of want, who speaks for the impoverished soul,

who dies before their death – Eloi Eloi Lama Sabachthani, the prophet utters

Marlowe’s Faust pleads – but for one drop of blood from the heavens,

how does one forgive – no one has ever seen the Invisible –

save the evidence of a Creation called Earth – the Disfigured Face of God

the Buddhist mindful posture appears calm, silence is filled with sound,

and imaging hints that the universe is a replication of the human brain,

who else among the countless galaxies, pleads for the salvation of a species?