Musings: A Desert Diary of the Soul!

by LJ Frank

A man can gain or lose his soul in the desert, there is really no in between…

Once you wander through the eternity of the seemingly barren landscape you realize that for all your kind thoughts, words and deeds – there are certain journeys un-accompanied;

So you climb mountains of sand for what feels like a measure of the infinite, parched and thirsty, a reminder of your own internal boundaries;

For there are no boundaries to be found where the spirit of the desert blows and erases your footprints as a reminder of your fleeting minute; 

And still at some juncture your ears strain to catch the feint sound of another being, only to find a windless silence deafening;

And you fall alone to the ground, like a child on the womb of its mother – you whimper and beads of sweat pour from your body as a single vulture flies overhead, it’s not your time yet! Your heart urges;  

And you rise to your knees and find your legs underneath, you begin to climb, perhaps what you seek is just over the next ridge where you will find the particular oasis you seek, to quench that which perhaps is ultimately unquenchable;

For you realize the water and blood of your body is the fount of your soul and so you breathe…and walk and stumble ahead to humble awareness…and uncover the pinpoint of the moment you are graced with.