Musings: A Lyric in Praise of Boobs* ~ a Nurses’ Philosophy

Source: freepik

by Sue DeGregorio-Rosen, RN, CLNC

*Teat, Breast, Titty, Mammilla, Pecho Femenino, Sein Féminin, Weibliche Brust, Femina Pectus, etcetera…

“More often than not, the ideal breast is an invented breast. Decolletage, the tushy breast, is an artifact of clothing. Naked breasts don’t dance cheek to cheek–they turn away from each other. Breasts vary in size and shape to an outlandish degree, but they can be whipped into an impressive conformity, and because we are human and we can’t leave anything alone, we have whipped away.”  Natalie Angier, Woman, An Intimate Geography

 “Stones, similar to the black stone of the Ka’ba, were worshiped by Arabs in most parts and by the Semitic races generally. The Kabyles of Kabylia in Northern Algeria say their first Great Mother goddess was turned to stone. Other names of the goddess are Kububa, Kuba, Kube and the Latin Cybele. Other scholars say that this meteorite was brought to Makkah by the Sabeans or the Ethiopians and state that the goddess who dwelt in the sacred black stone was given the title Shayba (see Beni Shaybah – the Sons of the Old Woman, above) who represented the Moon in its threefold existence – waxing, (maiden), full (pregnant mother) and waning (old wise woman). Although the word Ka’ba itself means ‘cube’, it is very close to the word ku’b meaning ‘woman’s breast.”  Laurence Galian, Contributor, Jesus, Muhammad and the Goddess by Trista Hendren et al. 

 Your breasts are like two fawns, twins of a gazelle… Song of Solomon, Tanakh. Ch. 7:4 

 Beautiful and luscious, we as women, are blessed with breasts. All different sizes and shapes, some are round, some are slender, bell shaped. asymmetric and can be tear dropped.  Some are side sets, others are east west boobs, and change with pregnancy, breastfeeding and age. They make us feel like a woman, attractive on their own or during some periods with help. They are sexually stimulating to both men and women and have been throughout history. 

Breasts have been clamped and tied with a rope and nipples pierced.  Hippocrates wrote that when blood drips from the nipples…those Women are Mad.” Misinformation based on insufficient science is profuse throughout history. 

Though the breasts were viewed as a natural source of pleasure their primary purpose was/is to feed, and they can feed babies other than their own.  Before the invention of infant formula and feeding bottles aristocratic women commonly hired what was preferred to as a “wet nurse” to feed their babies as breastfeeding was seen as unfashionable?   It was also a common career choice for the poor and was used for the working mom.  

Today we see women breast feeding more than not. Breast milk can be pumped and stored and can be shared. Humans are the only species that have permanently enlarged breasts.  Other mammals’ breasts only fill with breast milk when they have offspring to feed and return to a reduced size after lactation. The average breast size weighs about 1.5 lbs. 

Breasts are bigger than ever in the USA as a number of the brassiere corporations will testify.  Some of that has to do with genetics, climate, environment and weight. 

And wherever we are, we love them but are no less of a woman without themThey are the first body part that is reached for.  They can actually grow 25% larger with sexual stimulation due to an increase in blood flow. Nipples harden and the areolas, the circular area around the nipples, are actually more sensitive than the nipples themselves. They love to be touched, massaged, and licked. And, yes, we can orgasm, both men & women, through nipple stimulation! 

 Breasts appeal to those in the art world for natural beauty and symbolic reasons.  Both men and women love them.  Large, small, or somewhere in between, sexually they are all appealing.  From fetish to fixation to celebration to acceptance of the natural………Here’s to the female breast!