Musings: An Appreciation for the Ancient Diplomat of Ecclesiastes  

Credit: Boris Ulzibat

by LJ Frank

The web within my mind I suppose is analogous to leafy moss, with a few seasons here and there of  flourishing growth, offset by compost days of want and the fading brevity of quiet pleasures; complexity greets me in the simplest forms;

My good eye peers into the  barren landscape of callous tyrants whose academic credentials would cause one to think they were educated, though true knowledge is humble – to know a few readings on the same subject doesn’t make you an expert, occasionally it allows credence to your opinion depending on whether the author’s thoughts have differing points of view and are solidified by experience and evidence;

 A symptom of a deeper self-inflicted misery continues to occur as the financial czars and autocrats manipulate the surface of their fashion plate existence to fill their pocketbooks of desire;

And, who determines who will be remembered even if the names of kings spill over the pages onto furrowed soil, for the architecture of knowing is affected as memories become a photograph without color;

The idea to escape is like crossing an expanding desert of a fatigued planet called Earth, that in turn, will be less than two minutes to mid-night sooner than anticipated;

And my other eye though blind knows the Ancient Diplomat of Ecclesiastes understood…the nature of vanity; still the music within my heart seeks a pleasant rhythm regardless of the truth.