Musings: An ode to the international politics of dark chocolate


by LJ Frank

Dark chocolate soothes the political leanings of my soul

it’s an all season affair I’ve experienced since the day I could vote

there are certain things I find my socialist libertarian values delight in

dark chocolate is high on the list no matter what country I visit

it’s next to the deletion of health benefits for demagogues, dictators –

 all those with far-right porcine values

with the arterial clogging of their conscience, 

as the art of diplomacy requires a civilized sweetness to one’s tongue

and I’ve found that like so much in my life

from sex to religion to politics and power

most can be rationalized for at least a month or possibly two

but, to exist seven days without the gracious effects of the dark sweetness 

well…perhaps the political philosopher Benjamin Disraeli was correct

and that is,  finality is not the language of politics.