Musings: Civility and Civilization on the Edge?

Credit: Jean Philippe-Cypres, photographer

by LJ Frank

“Pain shatters language,” and seldom is the emotional scar appreciated by those who make decisions for others and haven’t experienced the trauma of a deep wound, knifed into their own psyche and flesh, the disfigured mind and body wonders, is this what human existence is all about, perhaps I’d rather not;

 Tears are veiled in fear when the self-proclaimed authorities, engineered by interests of wealth, pronounce maxims clothed in sacrificial rituals, and dissent is purposefully transposed into the vernacular of terrorism, while secrecy cloaks the light for a cause other than one’s own;

 Laws, religion, nationality and freedom of expression amended and reshaped – relentlessly contorted and confused by those who with insatiable greed, forgetful that redemption is a form of being-ness on a muddy road created by each footstep and ignorant of the civility that creeps closer to the edge; 

The last breath of a civilization will dissipate and vanish into the air like steam rising from warm waters quivering from the cold air, when the remains of a democracy are held hostage by the lies of a nation’s political leaders; and one queries whether Nietzsche was correct – is hope the worst of evils, as it prolongs the torment of men?