Musings: Ephemeral Meditation on a Rainy Moon


by LJ Frank

Late evening, the night before last, a light rain descended from the darkness as I was falling asleep, then suddenly it halted, a quiet ensued, a humid breeze blew through the screened windows, the ceiling fans whirled, I slept, until a deep thunder rolled down the mountain like a massive boulder in the middle of the night, the rain came down hard, pelted the metal roof of my dwelling and now I listened intently, concentrating on the sound that shattered the silence, my brain adapted and stored the wet sound to recall in a later hour the calm reflection that wrapped me in awe of its sensuality;

 Like my body, my brain shies away from depictions of a forthcoming deluge, knowing someday the inevitable outcome of greed that shrinks the land beneath my feet, and perhaps my dwelling may no longer be, but for now the gush of tears are a gift to the breathing pores of my skin;

 Experience tells me that in time a full moon will appear shimmering through the cloudy veil and enlighten the misty shroud of the mountain and the alignments of the night sky will whisper that change is after all a mere exhalation, yet the consequences may be swifter than desired, and though I may say – wait I am a patient man, nature pays little attention to my pleas;

 And my memory that assisted me in becoming more humane, is but a scribbled ghostly footnote to the artificial documentation of time, so I continue to breathe and the droplets that fall offer a mystical experience, they too will evaporate into the breath of the wind as I know from the yesterdays of my life, and so I wait to catch another glimpse of a rainy moon and be able to say – I am aware.