Musings: Humanity?

Source: Charcoal, a Crowd

by LJ Frank

Is there such a thing as hidden meanings in life except for those devised by men and women seeking a profit and those looking to purchase such meanings at a cost, how long can the human heart tolerate being played by another or by one’s own ego and vanity;

 Is it reasonable to ask whether I can experience a life embracing thoughts and ideas gathered under the shadow of  midnight while real and authentic may be in another bed, for isn’t it natural to betray one’s own heart for fear of exposure of a truth, yet only to find out the self is actually a normal whore;

When did I forget to read between the lines, is my Will part of some misdirection while being carefully taught, or is this all part of a deterministic scheme, and yet…I witnessed lips stretched across her face, a smile encouraged thoughts of hope, words spoken from a tongue and offered that we only had so many heartbeats before we depart, still I wondered, can we become immortal at least for a moment, when our flesh touches and caresses each other;

What does it actually mean to gain or lose in the fragmentary experience of existence, our physical bodies return to dust, nothing before birth and nothing after death, hypocrisy fills our life but is it in exchange for another person’s non-existence, for what kind of animals have we evolved from and will evolution resolve the conflict within;

The profane issues from the voices of those who say that God is on their side, for how is it that we can speak on behalf of an invisible and unknowable Being exterior to us, with sacred texts we manufacture that are turned into rituals and rules, inspired by our own primitive imagination, is it not all mere futility and the desire to feed the insatiable aloneness of our heart;

What recourse do we ultimately have but to love and treat our neighbor as we would have them love and treat us, for anything less – is it not  indicative of a human that has yet to evolve into a higher form of humanity.