Musings: Melbourne, Australia or Hong Kong?

Source: Anon

by LJ Frank

I have been notified that as a non-resident I might be able to travel to Australia later  – unless I can give the authorities a compassionate and or compelling reason to come to Australia during the interval.

As an experienced house & boat sitter I was invited to boat sit for an extended period of time, actually the current limit is 90 days, while I write my next novel – in Melbourne, Australia or other port such as Hong Kong that awaits my presence – I can dream without making the dream my mistress. The offer remains open at this time but could change any moment…and the costs of getting there and back to wherever…well? I should note writing a novel is neither work nor study or play, rather it’s an essential ingredient in feeding my soul and nourishing my heart.

The boat is a Ketch docked in Melbourne and the owner periodically sails to Sydney. There’s also an older Chinese Junk in another harbor (Hong Kong) in the offering – it’s been decades since I’ve been there – I’m fond of the Junk –  it’s a uniquely designed sailing ship or floating house. I have experience on the Junk. Anything can or not happen.

I plan to continue to maintain NPJ and look forward to reader input wherever I am located, this side of my demise. Then after that…“spirit transmissions” are accepted. Though, I won’t hold my spirit’s breath and my departure will accept no gifts or debts…and the place called mortality has no non-residents, only an entrance fee…life is strange, exotic, spiritual, existential, amusing and humbling to this pescatarian.

Looking forward to  the next port…