Musings: Memory 2030

Credit: Barna Kovacs on Unsplash

by LJ Frank

The year is 2030. I received approval by my Memory Medical Physician (MMP) to test a Coded Memory Enhancement Capsule (CMEC) in the form of a medical prescription to upgrade my brain’s ability to remember events from the day I was born up to the present.

A small container with the coded capsule inside was provided. An attached brief notation read:

The OBDMPC (On Board Diagnostic Memory Processing
is to be taken with a six-to-eight-ounce glass of water for the enhancement of memory. Please take the appropriate coded capsule assigned to you thirty minutes prior to going to bed for the ingredients to begin to take full effect. By the following morning you should notice a pronounced difference in memory processing capability. A side effect may include increased blood flow to various organs of the body – any sensation of vertigo should stabilize while you remain in a horizontal position – your brain should make the needed adjustment. The processing capsule will allow your brain to compartmentalize negative memories while accentuating the positive memories.

Please contact your physician if you feel you are experiencing distorted memories requiring further clarification. An emergency protocol is available if you sense that your memory is that of another person and not your own. Please recheck the capsule code letters and numbers before calling your MMP.