Musings: Mistress of Repetition

Source: Pexels. Rahul Pandit, Photographer

by LJ Frank

Repetition is cherished when applied to finding your key in the same location that you placed it the night before; all for the mindful understanding that recurrence and habit are appealing to the brain when you wake up in the morning for the sake of order in the disorder of the day, it’s unwise to misuse reason.

Some things in life can be counted on or not, economically speaking the exchange of an act for a reimbursement may come in many forms other than the physical though multiple ready to be signed copies are just around the corner of distrust, and you realize upon surveying your environment that you’re sleeping in the guest bedroom of thought, and the furniture was arranged differently and not your key.

Fortunately, upon dressing your thinking, you alertly discover your coffee cup was no longer hanging on the specially designed coffee cup tree with the designer’s name affixed to the base, but rather setting next to an open book you were reading in the late hours, with the key laying on the pages.  

Repetition breeds familiarity as ritual solidifies dependability affecting belief, particularly in an undependable universe where it is revealed there’s a nervous energy to a caffeine like consciousness.

A different route is driven to and from errands and opportunities that are bedfellows with vicarious tastes and you recognize that the Trinity of – what’s it going to cost, who’s going to pay for it and what’s in it for me, gets very old very quickly, while incorporated political manifestations kneel to capital and relish hiding the genitalia of their deductions until the financial gain is, shall we say, in their favor. 

Still, the mind is comforted by the morning and evening Sun being one and the same, and washing and scrubbing your thinking patterns are the order of the day written with invisible ink and engraved on the key of the Mistress of Repetition who has by now laid claim to the well-worn soles of your soul upon which she massages with aplomb.