Musings: Obsessions of an Officeholder

Source. Pexels. Couleur, Photographer


by LJ Frank


Questions of allegiances are indiscernible when mirrors are cloaked with steam, while the real lover is being embraced shrouded in the mist and the flesh is wet from the heat.

And shrewdness is a connoisseur’s appetizer of clarity; follow the financial handoff is not exclusive to political nymphomania, as the Officeholder devises a strategy with an accountant, while counting votes of support – knowing anxiety is the dread to be instilled in others.

But care must be taken, lest someone finds out who is whom, and undesired issues like unwanted gnats buzzing the head are swatted at and sprayed, but is that enough? So, it’s suggested that entrepreneurship is for winners and the rest are for the deprived, and to commiserate is useful with those that are members of the same sect; other’s debt is just another financial tool.

And amid the turmoil a flight is taken to an exotic retreat and an opportunity to Instagram and tweet to constituents about working on their behalf, allowing them to revel in that celebrity status (to watch is to participate) on their behalf and ponder their fate while the celebrity Officeholder is beholding to the billfold, sipping a drink of choice and fondling whatever. 

The Officeholder posts how fortunate the supporter is of their role, as illusions can be found easy enough in the handheld remote device, for in the end the grandest illusion of all is the mind’s eye as it winks – answers lead only to metaphors and allegories, and fear is a measurable commodity on the Street, too late to turn back the clock.

And at an Art-Deco coffeeshop one evening there comes a realization that the stomach is aware that the foodstuff of existence is shaped by a person’s belief, reality it is revealed, is a passenger in a vehicle on an alternate highway, digital or asphalt, makes no difference, for the destination being a temple of another religion but still the pragmatic query arises, who will fill and pay for the indigestible prescription located at the altar within the sanctuary? 

The lotus of meditation awaits.