Musings: Pausing in romanticized 18th century thought

Credit: Jean Philippe-Cypres, Photographer

by LJ Frank

Meditating on romanticized 18th century thought 

filtered through 21st century opinion,

knowing power is inspired by its own reflections in mirrors of its own making

the impoverished is a courted felony as the debtor’s prison flourishes

while the well-heeled biblical lobbyist cite an eternity paved with gold; 

and nostalgia speaks of my own mind being my own church

and those with the resources deflect & reason the cause & effect of their money

to compete & dominate is a game of bloodied distortions

to pause and to sift through the compost of 18th century enlightened thought

the Age of Reason missing in action on the muddied field of indifference

covered with daisies

equality was never core to any philosophical truth 

for the theology of existence engages the wanting of hope, 

pleading that it not be a perilous hoax,

but knowing too well that the sacred & profane are siblings –

incarnate, blest and ritualized…

and the nurturing heart continues its search for a depth within…

a smile is true when naked.